I Can See My House From Here
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Yeah, that’s an awful picture of me. My camera was precariously balanced on a rock and I was looking straight into the sun. You’ll just have to make do, I’m afraid.

You may recall from last year when I took a trip up Mary’s Peak, the highest mountain in our immediate vicinity, and it was…kind of cloudy for April. How cloudy?

This cloudy:

So I decided earlier that hey, it’s 81 degrees out and there’s almost no clouds anywhere, and I need a hike. So let’s go back up Mary’s Peak and take pictures.

Yes, there will be pictures. This time from the summit area now that it’s not shrouded in fog.

That’s the view of the valley from the summit parking area, roughly 3,900 feet up.

Most of the area is densely forested, but there are large swathes of the summit that are actually a very large meadow:

There’s about a half mile of trail to the actual summit another 150-200 feet up or so. A half mile sounds laughable, but uphill with the slightly thinner air, and you’ll feel it a bit.

I took a detour into those woods off to the right, where there was a narrow little trail leading off into the dark where presumably bears were.

No bears, but lots of extremely tall trees and random fire damage. As a side note, it is extremely difficult to capture just how tall these trees were without actually laying down on the trail.

The fire damage and whatever else creates some really very interesting shapes in the wood.

Since that particular trail leads to a campground halfway down the mountain, I headed back to the access road. The trees thin out after a point, but not for lack of trying.

At the very top is what used to be an Air Force radar station and is now home to assorted communications dishes. The side effect is that even on a mountain in the middle of nowhere I had great cell reception.

And of course, the view is absolutely incredible all around.

Well worth the trip if you can get there on a nice clear day like today.

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