Europe Photoblogging: Overview
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So the big news is that after the better part of a year of not having much to say, we’re going to do some posts. In fact, for the better part of September, it’s going to be photoblogging all day every day.

Why all the shiny pictures? Well, we’re just over ten years out from my months spent in Europe, and after promising people for most of those years that one of these days I’d get around to, you know, putting some of the photos up for public viewing, I mostly didn’t. Well, there was a page for a while, but it got lost somewhere along the way, and the point here is that I’m an epic slacker when it suits me to be.

That said, I took on order of 1,700 pictures in Europe, and going through them has been quite the process, which is why I’ve been avoiding it for ten years. But it’s done now, and you’re about to reap the benefits.

A couple of notes are in order here. First, rather than try to a day by day series of pictures that would result in some very nonsensical pairings, I’ve broken things up by subject mixed the pictures up to make things comprehensible to the rest of you. If the weather looks off from shot to shot, that’s why.

Second, almost all of the pictures you’ll see are going to be of places and stuff rather than people. While the people are important, I haven’t seen most or all of them in years and don’t much want to paste their pictures all over the internet at random. Sorry, people who like people pictures, I hope you can manage.

Lastly, I’m going to do my best to link up the photos with the posts I wrote at the time and with a little bit of context. We’ll see how it goes.

Without further ado, our schedule, which will eventually be linked to posts as they appear:

Part 1: London Life (3/27/04 to 6/13/04)
Part 2: London (3/27/04 to 6/13/04)
Part 3: The British Museum, Part 1 (3/27/04 to 6/13/04)
Part 4: The British Museum, Part 2 (3/27/04 to 6/13/04)
Part 5: The Tower of London (4/2/04)
Part 6: Stonehenge and Bath (4/16/04)
Part 7: Oxford (4/23/04)
Part 8: Winchester, Norwich, and Canterbury (4/30/04, 5/1/04, 5/3/04)
Part 9: York (5/4/04 to 5/5/04)
Part 10: Carlisle and Hadrian’s Wall (5/6/04 to 5/8/04)
Part 11: Fishbourne Palace and Chichester (5/14/04)
Part 12: Brighton (6/4/04)
Part 13: The London Eye (6/9/04)
Part 14: Brussels (6/13/04 to 6/17/04)
Part 15: Paris (6/16/04)
Part 16: Stockholm (6/17/04 to 6/20/04)
Part 17: Venice (6/21/04)
Part 18: Ravenna (6/22/04 to 6/23/04)
Part 19: Rome, Part 1 (6/24/04 to 6/29/04)
Part 20: Rome, Part 2 (6/24/04 to 6/29/04)
Part 21: The Vatican (6/26/04)
Part 22: Ostia (6/27/04)

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