Europe Photoblogging, Part 11: Fishbourne Palace and Chichester
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These are the restored gardens at Fishbourne Roman Palace, once the largest Roman villa north of the Alps and an absolutely massive sort of affair. I was there as part of a weekly AHA trip on 5/14/04 where we bussed down to Fishbourne and then explored nearby Chichester for the day. I discuss it all in this post.

Do you like hypocausts? I love hypocausts. Again, the idea here is that you forced hot air through those channels under your floor, thus making your feet nice and cozy in the cool British climate. The Romans were smart dudes, with an affinity for cozy feet.

I mean, who doesn’t like cozy feet?

This is an absolutely massive mosaic floor, just about the most impressive I saw anywhere outside Italy. It alternates cheaper black and white geometric elements with a more colorful centerpiece that’s much more ornate and costly – kind of a big deal.

This is a model of what the place must have looked like at its height, including those massive, massive central gardens. It must have been extremely impressive once upon a time.

This is Chichester Cross, an old covered market smack in the middle of Chichester. It was kind of neat so I’m showing it to you.

This is a random drain spout on the side of Chichester Cathedral. It’s kind of cute in a gargoylish sort of way.

This is the interior of Chichester Cathedral. A touch small compared to, you know, York Minster, but like the rest of Chichester it’s kind of cozy and nice as these things go.

This, lastly, is a stained glass window in Chichester Cathedral. Not all stained glass windows work equally – either the light hits them just right or it doesn’t, and fortunately for this one the light hit it just right.

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