Europe Photoblogging, Part 13: The London Eye
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This is the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel with observation cars that give you a great view of the London skyline. This was my very last group excursion with AHA, on 6/9/04, as part of our celebration at having finished our finals.

This is my suave self enjoying the wait to get on. I may not look pleased, but I am. As of that morning, I was a college graduate.

Looking straight up from ground level, in an attempt to give some sort of idea how tall this thing is, which is very tall, to be technical about it.

We’re going up here, looking at the Thames and some of its many bridges. Most of the buildings in this picture aren’t particularly memorable, alas.

We’re a bit further up now, and further along the Thames. You can see the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral to the right side, along with various random skyscrapers in the rear. The large green bit is the Temple Gardens, a really cool little chunk of the city meant for the legal community.

We’re getting up there a ways, looking at Waterloo Station, one of the major rail terminals in the city, of which there are many.

This, of course, is the Palace of Westminster, with Westminster Abbey in the background. We’re pretty far up now.

We’re coming down now, looking at Charing Cross Station and the same bridge we saw in our first skyline picture. This marks the third railway station we’ve seen, including Waterloo Station and Blackfriars Station near St. Paul’s.

A short post this time, but I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures here. This, however, marks our last post from the UK. Next time, we’ll hit the continent, which much more to talk about.

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