I Have Orders to Post These
By Dwip October 17, 2014, 10:15 pm Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

Apparently, if I don’t give the ladies who read the blog for the pretty pictures more pictures, they get angry. I’m not really into the whole anger thing, so here we are.

Took another trip to Finley, because Hana wanted texture pics. Most of them look like that one up there, and there’s only so many of those I feel like showing you.

Apart from that, it was like the world’s least interesting 2-3 mile nature hike. It’s not that the Mill trail is bad, per se, it’s just not as interesting as Woodpecker Loop. It’s almost all oak and fir forest, which gets a little samey after a while.

The bright spot is this little flash of Grey Creek you can see here. More of a marsh than a creek here, but there it is.

Also, this valley full of trees that I assume are very nice in the summer, but we are of course a touch past summer now.

And after a certain point, you’re a bit dehydrated, your feet hurt, you’ve seen the same trees for the last hour, and you’re reduced to taking shitty selfies. So here’s a shitty selfie.


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avatar Comment by Samson #1
October 19, 2014 at 1:42 pm

Heh, angry Dwip is angry :P

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