It’s Been So Long Since I’ve Seen the Ocean, Part 2
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Part 2 of my excursion to Newport. This is the tunnel leading from a parking area under the roadway to Agate Beach, which is one of the closest to Newport and one I went to many times as a kid. I’ve got fond memories of that tunnel.

Obligatory picture of beach as seen from interior of tunnel. Also, when you are a small child, tunnels are like the coolest thing, hence the fond memories.

Agate Beach doesn’t actually have all that many agates that I ever saw, but it does have actual legit dunes going on, with 3-5 foot deep gullies in between.

I’m not really sure how old this log is, but I’m pretty sure it’s been there for ages just like that. I think I remember it from the 90s.

Leaving Agate Beach, we’re moving on to Yaquina Bay, yet another state park which has as its main attraction a lighthouse we will get to momentarily. This is a much clearer shot of the Yaquina Bay Bridge from the overlook.

This is the enterance to Yaquina Bay from the same overlook, with South Jetty in the background.

And this is the lighthouse itself, built in 1871 and operational for all of 3 years before being replaced by the larger and better placed Yaquina Head lighthouse. In later years it was used as various sorts of housing and finally as a museum.

This is the kitchen, complete with super swank wood stove.

This is the dining room, complete with period 19th century brochures and donation box. Also apparently had a much bigger table at the time – Charles Pierce, the lightkeeper, had a wife and 9 kids.

This, as related by that plaque there, is a hair display – a picture made up entirely of locks of human hair, which is apparently one of those things you did back in the 19th century for reasons.

This is the parlor, complete with giant Bible and really cool painting of a ship. It’s a touch small for 9 people, but they apparently made do.

This is the master bedroom such as it is, with an old school rope frame for the mattress that had to be tightened every night.

This is the third floor landing looking down to the second floor. As you can see, they’re getting ready for Halloween. Also note the really nice railings.

This tiny little room was where the lightkeeper hung out while on duty, apparently. Kind of reminds me of my room in Connecticut.

Alas, you can’t actually go up the ladder to the light itself.

This is the view from the front door, looking out at the entrance to Yaquina Bay. Heck of a view to walk out your front door to every morning.

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