October Medialogging
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A bit short this month, because on the one hand these massive seasons of television take ages to plow through, but on the other because I was kind of busy going outside. You may have noticed the odd post with pictures in it. Yeah.

It’s raining and crappy out now. Take that how you will.

YTD stats:

March: : 4 books; 4 fiction (1,450 p.) / 3 videos; 1 movies (2.6 h.); 2 TV seasons (15.2 h.)
April: : 5 books; 1 graphic (136 p.); 4 fiction (1,269 p.) / 1 videos; 1 TV seasons (6 h.)
May: : 8 books; 5 graphic (1,352 p.); 1 fiction (465 p.); 2 non-fiction (829 p.) / 2 videos; 2 TV seasons (11 h.)
June: : 17 books; 5 graphic (1,584 p.); 12 fiction (4,483 p.) / 1 videos; 1 TV seasons (4.8 h.)
July: : 7 books; 6 fiction (3,221 p.); 1 non-fiction (576 p.) / 7 videos; 1 anime series (10.6 h.); 4 movies (7.7 h.); 2 TV seasons (10.5 h.)
August: : 2 books; 2 non-fiction (894 p.) / 3 videos; 1 anime series (10.8 h.); 2 TV seasons (20.5 h.)

Year to Date: 43 books; 11 graphic (3,072 p.); 27 fiction (10,888 p.); 5 non-fiction (2,299 p.) / 29 videos; 2 anime series (21.5 h.); 9 movies (18.3 h.); 18 TV seasons (157.6 h.)

Details for October after the jump.

10/03/2014 Vince Gilligan, et al., Breaking Bad: The Complete Fifth Season (2013 Sony DVD, 375 minutes, 8 episodes – Corvallis Public Library)

In which Walter White becomes the criminal mastermind he’s always wanted to be.

At this point in the series, anything I write is probably superfluous. We all know from the moment this starts to the moment Hank sits down on the toilet how this all must play out, but man it’s a hell of a journey.

10/18/2014 Bill Panzer, et. al, Highlander: The Series, Season 3 (2003 Anchor Bay DVD, 1060 minutes, 22 episodes – Personal collection, 2007)

As usual with Highlander, we’re breaking this out into its own thing.

10/28/2014 David Leitch, Chad Stahelski, et al., John Wick (2014 Summit Entertainment theatrical release, 101 minutes – Carmike Twelve)

There is an exchange in the beginning of this movie that goes roughly like this:

Russian Mafia Boss: I understand that you hit my son. May I ask why?

Chop Shop Owner: He stole John Wick’s car. And killed his dog.

Mafia Boss: Oh. *hangs up phone*

This is a well-paced action movie with badass action scenes, badass car scenes, badass music, badass dialogue, and badass badassery. In the best traditions of badass action movie badassery, it doesn’t attempt to be about more than it is – a revenge flick where one man kills improbable numbers of gangsters in the most badass way possible with as much grey and blue filtering as possible. I’ll probably forget 90% of it tomorrow, but it was a fun time at the movies.

For historical reference, I should note that I watched it because Payday 2, a game I have played more than once, added John Wick as a playable character. There’s a lot one could say about that decision, because how mercenary are we getting with our DLC here, but after seeing the movie it actually kind of works for me, and in the event I’m willing to give Overkill a pass on it considering their great track record for DLCs and patches for Payday 2. One of these days I may even give it its own post.

10/30/2014 Bill Panzer, et al., Highlander: The Series, Season 4 (2004 Anchor Bay DVD, 1060 minutes, 22 episodes – Personal collection, 2007)

As per previous Highlander seasons, this one gets its own post.

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