On the Highways and Byways
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“Oregon has excellent LOD“, Hana tells me, and since she’s half the reason I’m out doing all this photoblogging for you all, let’s show off a bit more of it.

These are something of a grab bag of sources – my Canon, the loaner Samsung, in cars, out of cars, multiple days, what have you. Any graphical disparities you may see are actually the subliminal messages taking hold.

Soon, rabbits shall rule the world!

This is the side of the Willamette Grange Hall in Greenberry, about halfway between Corvallis and Monroe. I confess that I’ve never actually seen people here, but I did stop here once to change my tire when it blew out.

And this is the Greenberry Store. Congratulations, you’ve now seen everything there is to see in the bustling metropolis of Greenberry.

This was taken from partway up Llewellyn Road, looking at one of the many grass seed farms of the valley. This one’s notable for the blue barns, which when I was a kid meant we were finally getting to Corvallis already.

And this is looking back down Llewellyn towards Highway 99. I’m not sure what the deal with that locomotive is – the rail line there used to run all the way into Monroe, but hasn’t for a few years now, and they’ve gone so far as to tear up a bunch of the track. Why there’s a loco parked there I dunno.

This is an access road between two fields. The blue barns are off to the left.

And this is looking north across some fields towards the Corvallis airport about a mile north.

And our title shot is looking straight down Llewellyn Road towards the foothills. Access road to our left, airport to our right, barns behind us.

Switching locations again, this is along Alpine Road near Kyle Road. This is a lot closer to Monroe – I used to take Alpine Road and Kyle Road to get home from Corvallis a lot when I didn’t feel like going through Monroe proper.

And another angle from the same spot. Actually a little sad about these two – I had a really perfect opportunity coming from Alsea Falls when the light hit this field just right and turned it all golden, but I was tired and wanted to go home so I didn’t stop.

I make mistakes sometimes, ok?

Switching gears entirely, so to speak, this next series was all taken from my car using my Canon. This is actually a much easier proposition than it sounds – turn the screen off, manipulate the power button and the shutter with one hand while paying attention to the road and aiming the camera generally upwards to clear the hood. Sometimes you get something usable, sometimes not, and it’s all kind of distorted a bit from the glass, but I like it.

Anyway, this is along Bellfountain Road, which runs from the end of my road in Monroe almost to the west side of Corvallis. It’s a nice change of pace from taking 99 all the time, though it does take longer.

More Bellfountain Road.

And more Bellfountain Road. There’s like 20 miles of this, so get used to it.

Yet more Bellfountain Road. Note the Christmas tree farm to the left. If you buy a tree, good chance it comes from around here.

And this is more Bellfountain Road.

This is Bruce Road, which runs between Bellfountain Road and Highway 99 along the south side of Finley Wildlife Refuge. You can see the cycle of Christmas tree farming and logging that goes on around here.

More Bruce Road, looking all the way across the valley towards the Cascades in the distance.

I’ve said this previously, but gravel roads like this are pretty much how I remember all the back roads around home looking when I was young. Most of them gradually got paved to some extent in the 80s and 90s, but a lot of them still look like this. It’s what I learned to drive on, which was kind of exciting.

And now we’re on Airport Road headed back to Corvallis and home.

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