Highlander: Conclusion
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And here we are. The Highlander has gone into the mists. I have just finished writing in excess of 20,000 words about a late night TV show that ended almost 20 years ago, for a blog audience who mostly haven’t watched the show and who probably aren’t even reading this anyway. Maybe it’s useful to ask why I have done this thing.

One of the things that drove me when I started the now almost two years of book and then medialog posts I have done is that I wanted to attempt to set down my exact feelings about the things I read, the things I watched as they were happening, and in some cases to examine the hows and whys of a particular piece of literature or a show.

And, in a larger sense, this blog has for ten years now served as a record of who I am at a given point, what I thought. A journal with a twist maybe. I have used it quite often to recall things I have said, or what I felt about something at a given point in time. That too is an impetus behind the medialogging project. I’d like to look back in 5, 10, however many years and say “Ah, yes, that’s what I thought about the Dresden Files” or “Yes, but I’m not sure I entirely made my point on this air power thing” or what have you.

Which brings us to Highlander. This show presents rather unique challenges. Most modern shows, you can talk about a season as a cohesive whole. They have multi-episode arcs, and each episode is more and more often just a block of time to further tell the ongoing story. But Highlander is old school television. Almost every episode is its own thing, needs to be talked about in its own way. So that’s part of it.

The other part is that Highlander as a series and as a set of ideas has been very important to me since I started watching it. It was a big part of how I kept myself happy and sane in my grad school years. Some large part of my romantic relationship revolved around snarking and laughing and talking about and being moved collectively by whatever Highlander episode we were watching at that point. Remembering that is important to me.

After all that, the whys of Highlander’s importance to me should be somewhat obvious. I was a history major. How can I not be entranced by the idea of people who live forever, who have seen and done so many things I can only read about now? And as a guy who has spent so long with fantasy worlds, how can I not be entranced by a secret world of swords and immortals? And, as a person making their way through this life as best I can, how can I not find some resonance with plots that examine the many vagaries of the human experience in the ways that Highlander has?

I must be who I am, and so here we are and here we end.

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avatar Comment by Jason #1
February 4, 2015 at 3:20 am

It has been one of my goals since childhood to sit down and finally watch this series…..I will some day….I think

avatar Comment by Dwip #2
February 4, 2015 at 2:07 pm


Here you go. They’re also on YouTube I think.

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