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The other day I had occasion to go out to Junction City for some things, and since I was out there I decided to see if they had any interesting parks, like you do. What I found was Browns Landing State Park, which in the best traditions of Oregon parks is this random little turnaround at the end of this random road that happens to be next to the Willamette.

So, you know me, I took pictures. And since I’m trying to make my camera do more things, I decided to play some with shooting at lower exposure. These pictures have also all been played with a bit in Photoshop CS2 using Auto Levels, another thing I am trying to learn. I am unsure of the thing thus far, which may merit another post later. Anyway.

The terrain is kind of wonky hereabouts, with that little penninsula there and some gravel bars in the river. Lots of fallen trees and things.

This is the bar looking the other way, with a submerged tree in the foreground.

And a closeup. I tried doing this in macro as well, but it came out a blurry mess, which I suppose teaches me something. I am very happy with how the water ripples came out here.

And a rather larger log.

Off to the side of that log, some more assorted brush debris. Again, happy with the water. It was actually rather more brown than this, but the pictures look nice so I’m not complaining too hard.

This is the county park at Irish Bend, on the Willamette a little north of Monroe. Despite having grown up a few miles away, I’d never actually been here, and decided to check it out.

I made it a little way past this sign before having to detour to help a couple people jump start their truck, which eventually worked after we tried to push start it a few times. Trucks are heavy. I just thought you should know.

And this is back the other way, with parking on the other side.

Wonderful day out, though somewhat cold in the 50s. Gave me these nice skies and some calm water.

One of the weird things about the Willamette around here is that there are actually relatively few bridges, so while there’s a road up top of that bluff there, I would have to go a few miles down to Harrisburg or all the way back to Corvallis if I wanted to get up there.


Also, that gravel beach is much, much longer and wider than I showed you. I tried, but the pics weren’t all that interesting.

And this is what’s nearby. Gravel country roads, take me home, or something.

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