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I had occasion to make the trek to Junction City yesterday, and it was a fabulous day, 60+ degrees and the sun was shining, and we all know what that means.


Today’s pictures are brought to you by the continued need for me to experiment with my various white balance and color functions, and by Great Teacher Lorelai’s post-dentistry picture cravings and want to see the elephant table thing.

More on that in a moment.

Just over the Benton County/Lane County line, there’s a quote-unquote park. That little area used to be a going concern about 30 or 40 years ago, with a swimming place and some houses and things. The collapsing ruins of the swim place used to be a feature of the trip to Junction growing up, but those got cleared before I left for CT. I also could have sworn the park had bathrooms, but either I’m misremembering or those got cleared too, so now it’s just a spot to pull off the road.

At any rate, across the street is this place. Memory tells me it is or used to be a dairy and that I was there on a school trip once, but that was in, like, the 80s, man. Shit was crazy in the 80s.

At any rate, this is the first picture of the set, no zoom, all the auto on. Came out better than most of the zoomed in ones I think, though I couldn’t get the road out.

I decided to play with the vivid color setting on the camera a bit, which is what this is. Dunno. Better grass, worse sky. As discussed in previous episodes maybe I need to start messing with exposure more.

Back out in the woods was this little guy, kind of off by himself in the grand tradition of my people: leaving random crap in the woods. A sad, lonely elephant, left to stare at the blackberry bushes for eternity.

One of the major issues with this little excursion was the truly epic amount of glare, being as it was about 3:30 in the afternoon and not much to block it. I did what I could.

Despite my previous praise of AWB, it failed me here, hence the tragic washed out look. That said, I could have played with levels here and didn’t, just to give you an idea of how friggin’ bright it was.

This is more like it. Bit of messing with the balance helped a lot. As Great Teacher Lorelai has said, probably should mess with exposure too, but this worked I think.

That said, this is probably the keeper of the bunch, with macro turned on and the vivid color filter turned on too. I’m not really having a lot of luck with using said macro function, and I honestly can’t tell the difference between it, normal, and the infinity setting, which suggests I’m in some way at fault.

Anyway, I like this one. Elephant pops appropriately, colors are nice and vivid, and the damn glare isn’t killing me.

This is the Long Tom River in Monroe as shot from the bridge coming into town, looking out towards the high school at the far end of town.

As nicely pastoral as this may look, it’s actually me being really careful with my framing. There’s a giant green enclosure of some sort just to my right, and standing here is fucking exciting – there are semis rolling by at 35 miles per hour about 3 feet behind me.

Also, I kind of vaguely remember walking along the bridge as a kid, but it’s probably been 20 or 25 years now. I keep forgetting it’s not the 90s anymore. And I keep remembering sitting in the bed of my friend’s parents’ pickup going somewhere this one time because it was the 80s and nobody gave a shit about seatbelts and child safety. It was kind of great, although heavily colored by the fact we didn’t get in a huge wreck and die.

This is the other side of that same bridge, looking towards Junction City several miles in the distance. This is the side with all the power lines and crap, and also a great deal of glare that I’m not wholly sure how to deal with. I’m not even sure it can be dealt with. Something I try and play with.

This is the welcome to Monroe sign in what passes for a city park. Just beyond that sign and up a little bank is the bridge, and you can sort of see the change in vegetation that marks the edge of the river in the background.

I have no idea what that rocket thing is supposed to be about.

This is the 1906 vintage water wheel that once powered Adam Wilhelm’s flour mill. Wilhelm was the local big shot back in the day, with all kinds of stuff to his name, including a general store and the forementioned mill. He also built what is still the coolest house in town, which I should go photograph for you all one of these times. I thought I’d done a Monroe post before, but I seem to have not. Remind me.

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February 17, 2015 at 11:36 am


Thank you for satisfying my post-dentistry picture cravings, Bunny! :) *hugs*

And elephant-leprechaun FTW!! <3 (TURN IT AROUND!!! *reach*)

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