Glare on the Water
By Dwip February 19, 2015, 4:33 pm Comments (0) RSS Feed for this post

An approximate conversation from earlier:

“Well, time to go to Albany and do some errands.”

“Hey self, didn’t you want to check out this Hyak Park place and take some pictures of the Willamette?”

“Right you are, self. Where’s my camera?”

So I did that thing.

Aside from whatever that building is, the neatest thing about the park is this little footbridge over the boat ramp. This is the best of several shots that all had some fairly intense glare going on. It’s a pretty bright day today.

Again, I have no idea what this building is or why there’s a ladder up to that boarded up doorway there, but there it is.

Also, this is me playing with the vivid colors thing on the camera because why not.

This is looking off kind of vaguely towards Corvallis. There is a farm. And clouds.

And a closeup with moar vivid colors. I’m trying to play around with exposure and color settings and things more, although I must confess that it’s usually my first picture I like the most for whatever reason.

And here’s the sun glare on the river. This is the best of a very bright bunch, and I wish I could have had a slightly better angle, but not much hope of it, I’m afraid.

And this is the least crooked of a series taken upriver. Not sure why the river’s crooked. I swear I level these things, but man did they all come out crooked.

And this one’s looking downriver. There was really only one or two good spots to shoot from, hence the large dirt bank to the left.

And this is me trying to play around with macro again. I’m not entirely convinced still, and I’m still unsure if its the camera or me. Probably me.

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