Wetlands Practicing
By Dwip February 18, 2015, 11:58 pm Comments (0) RSS Feed for this post

Yeah, it’s pretty much gonna be all photoblogging all the time around here for a while, I think. I’ve got lots to say, but it’s mostly waiting for this month’s mammoth medialogging post, which involved no actual mammoths.

Anyway, went for a walk this evening, and I brought my camera, because hey practice. And if I share the results I make people happy, so here we are.

Messed around with a lot of things – this one is me messing with the macro setting and spot exposure detection. The spot part failed on a thing like this – I hit a tree and the whole thing went black, so this one’s good old evaluative mode. Macro worked slightly better, but I’m hindered by the relatively short amount of zoom on this camera. Maybe also lack of sharp contrast. I dunno, I tried. Working on it.

There’s probably a bit too much going on in this one, which is me trying to get the plants vs. the water thing going on here, which ends up getting overtaken by the reflections, which weren’t this strong in real life. I’m not complaining, the reflections are neat, but maybe the overall effect is a bit much. If I wanted to macro the plant I should’ve gone to the other side.

This one’s just a jumbled mess, though considering the surroundings I’m not sure I could have done better. I was kind of interested in the new branches growing off the much larger old one, but they don’t really show up well against the very complex background.

This one’s a bit better, with all the submerged trees, but still less colorful than I’d like versus reality. Again, I’m not sure my camera zooms enough to do the things I want to do with it.

I took 5 or 6 shots of this root structure, and they all turned out blurry and horrific except this one, which is another test of the vivid colors mode. Not sure WHY there were all insanely blurry, but they were.

Kind of like this. Not sure why all the motion blur on this little guy, he wasn’t moving all THAT much, but blur there was. In fact, a good chunk of my shots from this outing are blurred out scratch shots for some reason.

“Yes Dwip,” you’re saying. “All this self-flagellation is good and all but we want clouds and sunsets and things.”

Well, allow me to provide. This is the more successful of a couple attempts at using spot mode for exposure, along with some attempts at varying levels of exposure. For this one I aimed at the clouds, half-cocked the shutter, then moved down and pushed the button to get a darker landscape. Seems to work.

This is the far less successful attempt. Things happened. Aiming was off. No one was spared.

Though, to be fair, this is a fairly good approximation of what overcast days feel like. Just, you know, not at sunset.

This was an attempt to capture the sunset reflecting in that bit of water there, which mostly worked but not as well as it did in reality. I’m calling this one a win though.

Same trick with playing with exposure as Great Teacher Lorelai taught me. Seems to work pretty well. Also the sunset looks neat, of course.

And I wouldn’t be me without some sort of enormously wide landscape shot, so here, have one of those.

Don’t say I never do anything for you.

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