Stargate SG-1: Season Six
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The immediately obvious thing about Season 6 is the move from Showtime to Sci-Fi, along with a switch to HD and some way better visual effects. The writing also got a significant level up, and while the last two seasons were pretty decent, Season 6 takes Stargate to a whole new level as far as the main plot goes. These episodes are almost uniformly excellent, with several (most notably Abyss) being some of the best of the entire series. There’s a lot to like here.

The biggest change, of course, is the replacement of Daniel Jackson with Jonas Quinn in a move that a lot of fans weren’t particularly pleased with. Myself, as much as I’m a Daniel Jackson fan, I like Jonas as well. He’s bright, eager, and brings back a bit of that first season enthusiasm for exploring new worlds. It’s a shame we didn’t really get to spend more time with him.


Redemption, Part 1

“Oh, Major. I got a call this morning from Area 51. It’s done.”

“Captain Hagman?”

“He’ll make a full recovery.”

“What’s that make? Eight now?”

“Nine, if you count the two hours Captain Matheson lasted.”

Months after the loss of Daniel, the search for a replacement on SG-1 continues as Jonas Quinn languishes. Meanwhile, our research into weapons technology is finally paying off. The Jaffa rebellion is growing, but it’s about to cost Teal’c his wife and maybe his son. Oh, and Anubis is attacking with some of gate destruction weapon, so what could go wrong there?

Man, what isn’t happening in this episode? Lots of hooks and cleanup going on from last season, and they’re all good. Anubis is showing up for work like Sokar never did, Teal’c’s getting his world rocked, and we’re getting close to the era where Stargate stops being just about the gate and also about starships. Our starships. This is a highly compelling, multi-threaded season opener the likes of which we have not seen yet. Good stuff.

There are things to talk about:

– RIP Ra mask credits sequence.

– I probably should have twigged to the whole Jonas joins SG-1 thing from the moment he was introduced here, but I didn’t. Not sure how.

– X-302! This is the first indication that this season is going to get wild. We’re about to have a ship that can enter hyperspace. Enough of this Goa’uld transport crap.

– It’s the Russians! Love that Chekov is playing with the F-117 model on Hammond’s desk.

– If I needed more of a hint on the Jonas thing, Hammond setting up the central conflict of somebody joining SG-1 should have clued me in. And then Jonas does it himself.

– I like that we’ve come all the way from Jack teaching Teal’c to box way back in The Fifth Race to Teal’c teaching Jonas to box here.

– Jack “He’s an ALIE…” *realizes he’s talking to Teal’c*

– Finally we get an explanation for the whole “Why didn’t Teal’c’s family just stay here?” thing. Also, we’re finally coming to a head on the business with Jaffa symbiotes with the death of Teal’c’s wife. Also, she apparently had a huge change of heart off screen somewhere.

– You know, it’s hard not to like Jonas.

– Also, it’s about time the Goa’uld started blocking Earth’s gate like assholes. And/or attempt to blow us up via it.

– Teal’c has shown real emotion, what, one a season on this show? Grief is now.

– Holy crap, it’s Lieutenant what’s his name from like 3 seasons ago.

– Oh, Rodney, you douche. You do get better.

– Jack and Sam flirting for maximal hilarity.

– Also Jack snarking Anubis’ boss villain monologue.

Redemption, Part 2

“Hey, Anubis, this your agent. You’re playing it way over the top, can you get serious please?”

The Earth is 50 hours from destruction, and the race is on to find something that will work to save it. Meanwhile, Teal’c and the Jaffa try to find a way to deal with Anubis’ superweapon. Can they beat the clock?

I mean, obviously they can. And what’s more, Ry’ac can be cool, Rodney MacKay can actually be kind of ok like he is on Atlantis, and we can see lots of really, really cool CGI. This two-parter is the new standard for season openers. Damn.


– Hey, MacKay is finally funny.

– And Anubis can detect cloaked ships. Theme of season 6: your old ways are useless. Useless!

– I do enjoy the Teal’c, Bra’tac, and Ry’ac show.

– “You’re creepin’ me out, MacKay.”

– And then the Russians try to rent the stargate.

– The CGI on this new season is spectacular, but I really liked the subtle effects of the wormhole as the X-302 flies off the 747. Also, that’s not as insane as it sounds.

– Sam’s face during the whole no chute/chute thing.


“What are you smiling at?”

“It’s just that it’s my first time. …in space.”


Come to find out, the mothership that Anubis had Thor trapped in is now orbiting Earth, abandoned, with a self-destruct sequence half-finished but frozen and weird noises coming from the intercom. What could go wrong?

This one has a bunch of different stuff, not all of which I’m sure works. Ninjas, the usual escape the flooded base plot, integrating Jonas into the team… It lacks a bit of punch, but there are some cool ideas floating around in here, so to speak.

Some things bob to the surface:

– New credits montage, replacing the generic gate thing from last time.

– I got confused fairly early on as to why Major Davis was along, but ok.

– I mean, Anubis ninjas? Really? I can’t decide if that’s cool or totally lame.

– I like that Sam can totally make the callback to Entity re: Thor.

– For some reason, I remember the Jack and Sam almost drowning thing really well.

– Is this the first time the Navy has shown up on the show?

– Boy, Jack is looking haggard thus far this season. Sounds it, too.

– Obvious stunt by Jonas to ingratiate himself into SG-1 is obvious.

– And whatever else may be said about this episode, the thing with the death gliders was super cool.


“There has to be something else down there.”

In the Antarctic ice, scientists working near the site of the Antarctic gate discover a person encased in ice, in perfect condition, who appears to be millions of years old. That’s pretty wild. And when SG-1 flies in to get a look…she wakes up. What.

This is one of those episodes that’s extremely important, but just isn’t all that entertaining to sit through. And there’s big stuff here, including our first Ancient (though we don’t know it yet), our final return to Antarctica since way back in Solitudes in the first season, Jack actually conceding to get blended with a Tok’ra. The only thing is, most of the episode is people sitting around being sick, which got old right after The Broca Divide in Season 1.

A couple things.

– Well, we had to do the bottle episode thing at some point.

– The ice block amuses me. Also I hope The North Face paid for the product placement here.

– Continuing to like Jonas. Eager, inquisitive, not nearly as jaded as Daniel Jackson. Since Daniel’s my favorite character I miss him, of course, but I do think Jonas is a good replacement.

– As noted before, we don’t know it yet, but our first Ancient, and all the various tidbits here will be a big deal later, as will our renewed Antarctic presence. They sat on this one for a long while.

– Jack’s “over my dead body” followed by Sam’s pleas to get him to accept the symbiote I think pretty much tells you why he’s going to end up doing that little bit of excitement. Also, what a huge moment. And also kind of a cliffhanger there.


“You didn’t say anything weird, did you?”

“Why are you looking at me?”

A man in a speeding car calls Sam at 2am, asking for her help. He knows about Adrian Conrad. And then he’s forced off the road and killed. Turns out he was a scientist specializing in genetic research at a company in a small town in Oregon. Time to go solve a mystery.

Considering the last episode, this is definitely not what anybody was expecting for the next one, which is the SG-1 version of a zombie movie. Lots of slow build mystery stuff here that winds up with more NID guys and some creepy Goa’uld implantation stuff, but overall kind of snarkable and weird.

Things in the night:

-The whole intro where Jonas knows all about some random scientist but nothing about Adrian Conrad is great. And then it turns out he does and is just hiding it. Heh.

– I mean, it’s not quite Oregon, but I’ll take it.

– Did that second cop also play a cop on Highlander? I think he did.

– Speaking of Highlander, Our Heroes rolling around in heavy coats has me waiting for somebody to yank out a sword.

– Also, they appear to have taken a few levels in rogue at some point. Nice lockpicking.

– Man, stem cell research. So early Bush administration.

– Two aliens walk into a bar…

– “Wormhole theory, motorcycle riding, and lockpicking.” Sam’s hidden talents manifest.

– Onoes, the town is full of Goa’uld! And NID agents apparently.

– It’s about time somebody showed up with a whole unit of commandos. Have I not been saying that for ages now?

– It’s not often we get to see Amanda Tapping be the lead, but she’s been doing a pretty good job of it these past few episodes.


“Do you not know the pain you will suffer for this impudence?”

“I don’t know the meaning of the word. …Seriously, impudence, what does that mean?”

A Tok’ra and a woman make a run for a Stargate. The woman hides, the Tok’ra is shot. The symbiote sacrifices itself, and the host turns out to be…Jack. And he’s been captured by Ba’al. Lovely.

Man, this is a dark, heavy episode of this show. SG-1 is, at heart, pretty campy and lighthearted. Daring adventures and all that. There’s absolutely none of that here. Jack is repeatedly tortured to what looks like the breaking point, something you don’t really expect from him. Throw in Ascended Daniel, and in between the torture you get a major philosophical discussion about who the characters on this show are and what they’re about. Preservation, understanding, friendship, lots of other things that maybe can’t be described.

It’s pretty heady stuff, and there’s some pretty serious acting behind it, from Cliff Simon as Ba’al in his first major episode on down. We already knew Michael Shanks was really good at being Daniel Jackson, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that under the snark and the banter and the action heroism, Richard Dean Anderson can really sell some major emotional work, as he does here. Maybe his best moments since as far back as Window of Opportunity or even The Fifth Race.

Big episode. This has been a hell of a season thus far, and this is already on the short list for best episode.

Oh, there are things of gravity.

– Can I just say, the Tok’ra are dicks? The Tok’ra are dicks.

– What an entrance for Ba’al. Man I love this guy.

– Also, probably about time we saw the whole infinite torture thing. This is pretty dark by SG-1 terms.

– In other exciting news, Ba’al has a gravity generator.

“I leave, and look at the mess you get yourself into.”

– Man, I’ve missed Daniel. He and Jack banter like nobody else. Also, here we set up the central conflict of Ascended Daniel.

– Hammond: Doesn’t always have much to do, then steps up and shows the Tok’ra what time it is. Also, about time.

– I mean, the brown turtleneck thing on Jack does look dumb though.

– How incredibly powerful are these Jack/Daniel scenes. And how much does this whole debate cut right through to the central differences between Jack and Daniel.

– In which Daniel basically admits he showed Teal’c the way to get Jack out.

– Once again, Yu pulls through for our side. Yu knew he would.

Shadow Play

“Are you ready to go home?”

“Well, I’m not expecting a parade.”

The SGC receives a transmission from Kelowna, Jonas Quinn’s country. They want to trade naquadria for military tech, and they’ve got lots of the stuff. But is it a good idea? And what of Jonas? And what else is going on?

A full third of the way through the season, and we’re still getting some great stuff here. This episode has lots of wheels within wheels – What’s going on with the professor, what’s going on between Jonas and the First Minister, what’s going on between SG-1 and Kelowna, all against the backdrop of the impending World War I-style great power paranoia confrontation between Kelowna and its neighbors.

Lots of things:

– I found the examination of World War I-esque paranoia compelling if slightly perfunctory, since you can hear almost the same sorts of arguments from the various powers before the outbreak of the war. Almost certainly where the idea came from.

– Oh shit, the professor is a Cylon! I’m surprised at the number of BSG actors on this show, though perhaps I shouldn’t be.

– I was completely fooled by the resistance thing the first time, and at least a couple of subsequent times.

– Stealing all the naquadria and then not resolving it was a little bit of a dodge but ok.

– Radiation is bad, m’kay?

The Other Guys

“Jay, enough already? It’s embarrassing.”

While guarding some scientists offworld, SG-1 is captured by a group of Jaffa. It’s up to the other guys to save the heroes…

Comedy is a sort of hit or miss thing with me. And the comedy present in this episode is the sort I truly do not care for, to the point of making this episode completely unwatchable for me. There are a couple of high points, the Trek jokes and the bit about prepositions, but gotta be honest here, I was reading Reddit for most of this one. Just not for me.

However, lots of other people dig it, so I think season 6’s winning streak is continuing.


“This is the base of the Tau’ri. Why are there Jaffa?”

“Rebel warriors.”

“Jaffa who have turned against the Goa’uld. I had not realized their ranks had grown to such a number.”

“Hundreds more are operating as a fifth column among the Goa’uld.”

“Just like you.”

Escapees from an obliterated Tok’ra base come stumbling through the gate to the rebel Jaffa base world, where SG-1 just so happens to be hanging out. You’d think they’d be easy friends, but alas, not. And then people start dying…

This is one of my favorite season 6 episodes, pretty much because it does such a great job summing up the alliance between Tau’ri, Tok’ra, and Jaffa as well as explaining the tensions between them. It wraps up Abyss,

I have things to note here:

– Man, Janet hasn’t been off world for a while.

– Three episodes later, we finally get a Jack/Jacob heart to heart about the whole Abyss thing, plus a bit about his antipathy towards the Tok’ra. This is a really important talk.

– “For two thousand years, every time a Tok’ra died at the end of a staff weapon, a Jaffa was holding it.”

– You’d think Sam of all people would know how za’tarc detectors work.

– This is a highly watchable and tense episode even when I know the ending.

– Man, the last time we saw an ashrak was the beginning of season 2.

– I mean, it’s about time somebody brought a machine gun.

– Because you knew Bra’tac wasn’t going out like that. Also, super inspiring speech at the end.


“We call it Tretonin, Colonel.”

Meeting a new people, the Pangarans, who have come up with a new wonder drug that gives miraculous powers of healing and recovery. Sounds kind of familiar, so what’s up?

Boy is this episode important down the line, though the first time through I thought it was a one off. As either one it’s pretty good, due to some interesting characters, Jonas’ megawatt charm offensive on the hot blonde scientist, and the fact that the Tok’ra instantly become massively sympathetic once the nature of the queen is revealed in a way they really haven’t previously.

Things buried:

– Ah, I’ve been waiting for the Tretonin thing to kick off.

– Man, how much would Daniel have loved this place.

– Although Jonas sure rolls hard on the charm.

– Nothing livens up the fight scene like a giant pool full of symbiotes.

– Little do the Tok’ra know.

– This would also be the point where we retcon Hathor. Sorry Hathor.

– The central conflict between thousands of humans and the Tok’ra race is pretty compelling. As is Jack’s extreme antipathy, of course. He’s got his reasons.


“Julia, when the President of the United States kills your story, that’s it. You go foreign with this, they could charge you with treason.”

Sam gets ambushed by a reporter who seems to know an awful lot about a program known as Prometheus. And in order to shut her up, she ends up getting a tour. What could go wrong?

I mean, this is not the best possible plan, Hammond and the gang, although letting Major Davis be intimidating is kind of fun. And the action romp through our new awesome spaceship is fairly predictable, cardboard characters and all. Very early Highlander kind of, though without the kids in chemical-filled closets aspect. Fun, though.

Let us run some things by the producers:

– it’s about time they brought back the secrecy and reporters angle. What’s it been, 5 seasons?

– No matter how many times they show us cool new spaceships, it’s still cool.

– “…Fairbanks.” “It’s better than Roswell.”

– What? The camera crew was secretly a commando team? Who could have known?

– If I was Jack, I’d be pretty pissed too.

– And of course Sam must MacGyver herself out of the storage locker.

– Simmons: may be an asshole. Also, the NID: what could possibly go wrong?

– Working with Goa’uld: what could possibly go wrong?

– Airlocking Simmons was pretty satisfying, I must say.

– Thor! Also Replicators, but really, Thor!

Unnatural Selection

“It is we who need your help. The Asgard homeworld has been overrun by the Replicators.”

“Are you serious?”


Thor needs SG-1’s help. The Replicators have overrun the Asgard homeworld, and it’s looking grim. They’ve set a trap for all the Replicators, but something went wrong. And of course it’s up to our heroes to find out what went wrong.

In which we philosophize about whether or not the Replicators can be human or not while simultaneously setting up their next evolution as a species, which is to have a bunch of Reese-like android versions of themselves. Pretty interesting to see them go from faceless terrors to something recognizable, and it’s a concept we’ll return to in the future, time dilation field or no.

Replicating a few things:

– Every time I see Daniel’s “Reese, your father made you WRONG!” thing, I laugh.

– The teleporting stuff around the SGC is pretty amusing.

– “Sir, we can’t call it the Enterprise.” “Why not?”

– I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. In space.

– Such a badass action scene of everyone blazing away at holograms. Also, this part is deeply creepy. Cunning Replicators are cunning.

– I’m having Cylon flashbacks. Also, the whole mind thing is pretty wild.

– And apparently Third is also Helo, so about those BSG flashbacks.

– “She promised.” Way to be a dick to Fifth, guys. Also, Jack has a really, really hardcore streak when it comes to the Replicators.

Sight Unseen

“You’re certain it isn’t dangerous.”

“Well, as certain as I can be without knowing what it is exactly.”

SG-1 brings back an Ancient artifact from some planet. And then Jonas starts seeing alien bugs. What’s going on?

You may recall this episode from the time they did it with Daniel and it was actually a pretty good episode. This one starts lame, gets played for humor that mostly isn’t funny, and then just kind of fizzles out. An eminently forgettable episode, though not quite as painted people in bodysuits. But only just.

Seeing things:

– I mean, really guys. This is, what, three or four episodes now where somebody sees some crazy shit after an alien artifact shows up, and everybody defaults to “you’re crazy” instead of “oh shit!” ? Seriously.

– Hey, Jack’s inviting Sam fishing again. Best part of this episode.

– Of course the sign was going to get it.

Smoke and Mirrors

“The Senator’s been hit!”

“Hey, I’m back. What’d I miss?”

An assassin assembles a rifle, and uses it to shoot Senator Kinsey during his election campaign. Security footage shows Jack walking away. This can’t be good.

I wasn’t a big fan of the last episode, but this one is something: a tense murder mystery with schemes within schemes, trust and betrayal, and a complex weaving together of several pieces of prior Stargate lore. A major Illuminati type organization, hinted at in previous episodes, starts to make the rogue NID thing look small. Kinsey becomes one step closer to becoming President. Yeah, the SGC were great at solving the mystery, but they were also unwitting pawns. Even when they win they can’t win.

This has been a standout season, and this is one of my favorites from it.

Things that may be duplicates:

– About time the Foothold devices showed back up.

– Agent Barrett, too. Of all people. But nice to see an actual good guy NID agent.

– I love the random 1969 reference.

– Holy shit do I love the scene where Teal’c steps out and clotheslines a dude.

– Likewise, Teal’c interrogates same dude just by staring him down.

– Gee, a giant conspiracy using rogue NID agents. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

– Man, talk about your bittersweet endings. God I love Kinsey.

Paradise Lost

“This is gonna be good, isn’t it.”

Maybourne’s back, and he’s got a stone that will let everybody into that planet Simmons wanted with all the Ancient weapons!

…kind of.

In which Stargate meets Robinson Crusoe. This is a long, slow burn of an episode as Jack and Harry go steadily more crazy, and Sam goes further and further off the deep end. It’s also an amusing skewering of space hippiedom, but.

Lost things:

– Man I love Jack and Harry episodes.

– You are what you eat.

– Hey, a reference to the Furlings.

– Well, what could go wrong with this whole teleport thing?

– Boy does Maybourne have the whole Castro thing going on.

– Sam, not reacting well to the whole loss thing. Obligatory ship comment.

– Jack gets to fish I guess?

– The filter change as Jack gets more and more drugged out is neat.

– Suddenly, boars.

– It’s amazing how much Teal’c can emote without words.


“I thought she was helping us…we all did, and then I saw one of my people die in such a horrible way, I realized…”

The Russian team comes back through the gate with a refugee, who claims Nirrti did genetic experiments on his people, and they need help.

Dunno. Unlike most of this season, this is one of the ones I don’t dig much. Showing off the Russians was nice, I guess, and it was about time we had it out with Nirrti, but most of it just kind of plods along, and the parts that don’t are filled with atrocious accents and dialogue. Rough going.

Experimenting with things:

– Hey, it’s the Russian team!

– I’m not sure if the village guy just can’t act, or if the dialogue is just that bad.

– I’m also pretty certain real Russians don’t sound like this.

– Hey, it’s Nirrti again. And she’s melting people. That’s wild.

– Nice action scene, anyway.

– Oh look, hunchbacks with telekinesis.

– I mean, Sam napping on Jack is kind of cute. Unlike Nirrti trying to seduce Jonas.

– I mean, if you’re going to make a super race of genetic mutants, you can’t be THAT surprised when they eventually read somebody’s mind and turn on you.


“My dear Colonel, if we can agree on anything, it’s that your lost submarine is merely the latest in a long list of extremely unlikely events the Americans have attempted to foist on us as The Truth.”

“Yes, the Americans are up to something.”

A group of foreign dignitaries is standing around talking about the missing Russian sub from a couple of years ago, wondering what the Americans have called them here for. Turns out it’s just to reveal the Stargate program to them. No big deal.

On the one hand, this is the season 6 clip show, and while the clips are pretty good for the most part they are what they are. On the other hand, this is a really big moment that provides the foundation for much of what’s going to go down in the future, including, oh, all of Stargate: Atlantis. Also it’s pretty funny if you know what you’re watching for. And Hammond and Davis get an episode!

A few things to be revealed:

– I mean, how’s that for an episode opener after six years of this show?

– Although, why does it look as if they’re meeting in the Pentagon bathroom?

– I mean, clip show and all, but all the “You did whaaaaaat? With whaaaaaaaat?” expressions are hilarious.

– The main effect of these clips is to remind me that we’ve had some really good CGI on this show over the years.

– Thor!

– “The government of China does not believe in keeping secrets from its people.” Right. Also in this bit, the best argument as to why all the secrecy.

– Been a while since we’ve heard about the whole blowing up a sun thing.

– *Hammond looks at Kinsey* “For all their arrogance, the Goa’uld have a fatal flaw. Arrogance.”

– What a crazy world when the Americans and Russians team up to ride herd on the British and Chinese.

– I’m pretty sure A Matter of Time is the most cited episode of this show.

– Man, they went all the way back to that one where Jack takes the alien spear thing in the shoulder.

– Also, three episodes later the Foothold aliens went from being so secret nobody knows to “Hey everybody!”

– Gotta hand it to Kinsey, he’s always got some angle.

– Thor!


“Carter, we’ve never been to this planet before, have we? We, meaning humans from Earth?”

“No sir, why?”

On a supposedly deserted planet, SG-1 runs into a crashed ship with advanced aliens who swear there’s another group out there coming after them. Or are they?

This one’s mostly about the neat switch up where the people we thought were the good guys were actually the bad guys. It’s pretty well written, and the bad guys are pretty charming conpeople. Like the aliens we meet, and we’ll even see them again. Also amused that Jonas of all people out cons the cons.

But not many things to point out. Although it’s interesting how many laser weapons are descended from the staff weapon fairly obviously.

The Changeling

“Go back to sleep, probie.”

Teal’c wakes up, missing the symbol of Apophis. He talks to Jonas and calls him strange names. And then he wakes up in a fire station. And everyone’s a fireman. What?

Boy does this one go to some strange places, and thanks to Christopher Judge’s writing and deep understanding of Teal’c, they’re good ones. In one episode, we get an exploration of life without symbiotes, the re-introduction of an enormous plot element, and a surreal exploration of Teal’c in a dream state, simultaneously showing us many of his deepest fears and worries and indicating that Teal’c’s a lot more at home on Earth now than he ever used to be, able to talk in slang and the whole bit.

This is very good stuff.

Things in the night:

– Man, dressing up Apophis in different costumes never gets old.

– I adore the fire station angle to this one.

– Daniel Jackson as hack psychologist. Heh.

– Boy is this a weird episode to watch while drinking.

– I like how two seasons later, Apophis still haunts Teal’c’s dreams.

– What a cool reveal as to what’s actually going on.

– And then there’s the moment when you realize Daniel as hack psychologist is actually Ascended Daniel, of course.

– Jacob and Frasier have a philosophical argument about the Tretonin, but it’s not really an argument between that and the symbiote, is it?

– Alas, poor Junior. The sixth member of SG-1, gone.


“General Greer and I just want you there for the shakedown cruise.”

“In the unlikely event of an emergency.”

“Something like that.”

SG-1 is aboard Prometheus for its shakedown cruise. A short hop to another planet. No big deal, right? Yeah.

Lots of things going on here. Obviously we have a cool spaceship now, so there’s that, which means we’re rapidly moving into the big leagues, one ring transporter at a time. There’s also a lot in here about how you treat history, completely with a guy going off on slightly Communist Year Zero rants. The main thrust, though, is about trusting people versus not, which we’ve done a few times before.

Also there are lots of callbacks to the original movie, so that’s neat.

Things in space:

– Man, that intro got super Trek there for a moment. Also, friggin’ awesome.

– Also, there’s at least one guy with his rank on wrong.

– On the one hand, generic spaceship accident. On the other hand, spaceship. Cool.

– Things may have gone sideways when Jack’s the one being diplomatic.

– Ah, good old fashioned paranoid sparring.

– Our boy Heru’ur got around. Also, the idea of stay-behind worshippers is kind of neat.

– The callback to uncasing the Stargate in the original movie is cool. Same music, too, I think.

– Wait, the paranoid military guy launched a coup? That never happens!

– Also, SG-1 has never before interfered in local politics.


“We have an ancient prophecy, that one day strangers would come through the chappa’ai and slay the gods, and now you have arrived. And you also carry weapons of great power.”

At a feast on a planet ruled by one of Ba’al’s underlings, Jonas starts getting headaches. And then he starts seeing the future. Trippy.

I suppose it was inevitable that Stargate was going to get around to doing Terminator at some point, and here we are. I kind of expected to see somebody leap out and start talking about no fate but what we make, but alas.

And I dunno. There’s some cool concepts here, but I’m not sure the actual script was enough to sustain my interest for 45 minutes. Or possibly it’s because I’m writing this at 4am. One of those. Either way, it kinda dragged a bit, I must say. But at least Jonas gets an episode.

Seeing things:

– It’s not often SG-1 has a conversation with people under System Lord control without waving the false gods flag super had.

– You go Yu!

– I guess we had to go for the weird genetics thing at some point.

– I’m a little meh on the concept, but the visions are pretty neat.

– Oh look, betrayal.

– Apparently in the future people get shot a lot.

Full Circle

“Jack, Abydos is in trouble. Anubis is on his way. He’s after the Eye of Ra.”

You’ll never believe this, but Abydos is under attack by another Goa’uld, and its up to SG-1 to save the day. Only this time it’s Anubis come after an artifact of Ra, and Daniel did the warning. This should be interesting.

For all of Anubis’ time with us, there have been hints that we wasn’t exactly your run of the mill Goa’uld. And now, in an episode all about Ascension, we find out that he’s actually Ascended somehow. And that, apart from looking like a cross between Darth Vader and Palpatine and having the Death Star, the stakes in this series just got raised significantly. We’re basically promised that the Ancients are going to be a big deal going forward (as they are), Daniel Jackson just got cliffhangered hard, and by the way Anubis just blew up most of the System Lords.

That was all originally supposed to be the end of the show if they didn’t get renewed, but instead it’s a hell of a setup for the next season.

Things lost and found:

– Always fun to get back to Abydos.

– “Will you be coming to my wedding alone?” *Sam walks up* “Um…”

– Boy have there been a lot of firefights in the Abydos temple.

– Daniel just randomly reveals that the Ancients are actually Ascended. And sets up the lost city arc.

– Teal’c gets to play with some fun guns this outing.

– “Is it really necessary to further antagonize him?” “Yes.”

– Meanwhile, on Anubis’ Death Star, Obi-Wan Jackson confronts him.

– The whole death and ascension of Skaara isn’t exactly Daniel Jackson levels of sad, but still. We’re almost done with the Abydos plotline for the last time.

– And, by the way, Anubis is also Ascended. It’s like Ascended party time over here.

– “Well spank me rosy!” *Sam gapes at Jack*

– Because why not have Oma Ascend all the Abydonians? But at least they get a happy ending, which is kind of a thing I needed.

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