(Don’t Go) Chasing Waterfalls
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For people from the future, this was actually written in March 2016 and backdated, because at the time I was way, way too busy to actually post these things.

So, as part of the whole “Erik’s joining the Army!” festivities, we decided to have a last group gaming session out at Cole’s place in Redmond. And since my friends know and support my photography habit, it was further decided that we should go up to Tumalo Falls because waterfalls.

This…sort of worked.

But we should rewind a bit so I can show you this burnt out forest we saw while going over the Cascades. Pretty crazy.

A poetic statement on the growth of life even in the midst of desolation. Or something.

And the side of the highway. This isn’t even close to the most scenic part of the drive, but was kind of neat.

This is, I think, Suttle Lake and Mount Washington in the background. I’ve never been particularly good with my Cascades geography. The point is, mountains are neat. Water is neat. This picture has both. Neat.

This is Zelda. Zelda likes people. Zelda likes people a lot.

Also, I did a very bad job cropping various appendages out of this picture. Zelda doesn’t care. Zelda just wants to get petted.

Zelda also likes car trips. And has fairly atrocious doggy breath. And very much thinks the back of your head is exciting and isn’t everything exciting and it’s so exciting and aren’t you excited and excited excited excited so excited

I’ve since seen a bunch of these, but this was the first time I’d seen a tank just sort of lofted like this.

I find these things interesting.

The gang, front to back, left to right: Zelda and Samus, Devin, Kat, Cole, Gordon.

When a forest gets very dry…

This part of the trail is pretty curated. That’s going to change later, but it’s kind of nice.

Shoots? Shoots!

This is actually step 2 of impending problems. The first one is where we really should have looked at a weather report before doing this, but no rain so no harm no foul.

Half collapsed bridge here was a source of some conversation, but we ultimately decided to brave certain death and cross. Turns out there’s another huge support log under the center, so death was thwarted for at the very least an hour or so.

This is about the point where it decided to seriously start raining. “Meh,” we said. “We’re Oregonians. We know rain. How bad could it be? We’re pretty far in, it can’t be super far.”

Spoiler: it was still super far.

I mean, the scenery was pretty good though, so we had that going for us, which was nice.

Notice how all the colors suddenly got deeper? That’s because it’s raining. It’s raining a lot.

Which you can perhaps tell by our generally soaked-looking appearance. I assure you that we are at least twice as drenched as we look here. And it’s going to get worse.

Not that Zelda and Samus could possibly care less.

I mean, we’re wet, but at least the scenery’s great, right?

I’m on a little bridge over this creek. At this point Kat and I and the dogs had outpaced everyone else, and were seriously trying to find the waterfall because we’d been hiking for like 3 miles now and where’s the damn waterfall already?

“I swear it wasn’t this far the last time we were here.”

Trees have the craziest stuff happen to them.

This is so Oregon cliché.

Also WordPress’ text editor automatically adds accent marks. As I have just learned.

Another little bridge. There’s got to be a waterfall around here somewhere, right?

Well, this is ominous. The actual waterfall is like, right over there, but this is pretty much the end. And we’re wet and cold and eh, screw it.

Only, Gordon’s a big dude who hadn’t had a ton of exercise and who just walked 3.5 miles. He’s hurting. We’re all hurting. Getting him out the somewhat ragged trail we just did probably isn’t happening. So, better idea, we’ll send Kat out with the dogs to grab the car, and the rest of us will try…

…this construction road.

Did I mention it was raining? It was raining. It was raining so hard, it washed out the waterproofing on my heavy-duty hat.

“Hey, this road over here looks like a shortcut. Let’s try it!”

Spoiler: it wasn’t.

Why was this shoe hanging here? Where was the other one? Next time, on Unsolved Mysteries…

Eventually it stopped raining, so that was nice. Except the squishing of water in our shoes. That’s never nice.

Poetic death in the midst of life? Sure. Let’s go with that. Symmetry.

So, come to find out, and I assure you we totally found out, that if you hike 3.5 miles in, and you have to go all the way out, your return trip brings the miles up to a total of “Ow, my feet hurt. Sumbitch” miles.

But we found the creek, so.

A very clear creek.

Ultimately Kat found us in the car and we made our getaway. Some of us were more tired than others.

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