Spencer Butte
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In which yer humble may be seen atop Spencer Butte, which is one of those places you hear about all the time, being a local landmark and all, but I’d never actually been there until today when Devin, his dad, and I collectively shrugged and said “Eh, why not?”

It also turns out that it’s not called Spencer’s Butte, despite having heard it that way every single time it came up in conversation for 30-something years.

So let’s talk about that a bit. The hike, that is. Not the vagaries of colloquial language. We’ll get to that some other time. Or maybe we won’t. I’m a fickle author. We’ll definitely talk about that. Not now.

As trails go, this is a pretty nice one, albeit obnoxiously steep in places. I, being an experienced hiker, did two totally pro and not at all dumbass things before tackling these slopes: didn’t really go hiking for a year, and didn’t bother to eat any kind of substantial meal the day before. I assure you that this in no way made me feel out of shape in any way, nor did it contribute to the somewhat frequent pauses I had to take after the particularly hellish stairs.

Considering the readership of this blog, I should also note that we brought Draco. Draco is happy. Draco loves you. Draco hasn’t met you yet, but that doesn’t really matter, because Draco loves everybody. I’m at least half convinced that he was eyeing the obnoxiously tame squirrels less as potential food and more as potential playmates, because he’s just that friendly.

We all love Draco, if you couldn’t tell.

Despite a couple of bouts of near death, the view is pretty great, it must be said. This is up sort of near the top, but we’re not quite there yet.

Indeed, we were not the only people with this plan. For being an outrageously small area, the butte was packed with people out enjoying the day. I can’t say as I blame them, but those stairs were not made for multiple people going each way. Just going to point that out.

We’re going to spare you the bit where I show you ten different pictures of the same stretch of view, and instead I’m going to celebrate the fact that I learned a way to stitch together panoramas by showing you this panorama. You can click it for a (very big) version.

Something, something, Oregon LOD. Hi Hana.

Apropos of nothing, that’s Fern Ridge reservoir off there in the distance. Even more apropos of nothing, we used to go boating out there all the time when I was a kid in the 80s. I don’t think I’ve been back in like 25 years or so, but there it is.

Two things here: That building with the O down by the ludicrously in focus tree is Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon, which I think is equivalent to the darkest depths of hell to an OSU grad.

The other thing is, if it seems like it’s kind of hazy out, Smokey the Bear would like to remind you that only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Just for kicks, I broke out my zoom lens and practiced on some guy’s house. This is about as far as I could zoom out.

And this is as far as I could zoom in. Not bad. Should’ve used my tripod, but seriously it’s cramped as hell up there.

And then we took Draco home and got some Chinese. It was a fun time.

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