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Consider this a notice of light blogging for the next week or so, since I’ll be gone on break for the most of it. I’ll try to put something up about Winchester and Norwich this Sunday, but then I’ll be noticably absent until probably next Sunday, when you get to hear about the wonders of Canterbury, York, and Hadrian’s Wall. Also, papers are teh suck. But I think you all knew this, so we’ll leave it at that.

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Killed Bill
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Well, Kill Bill Volume 2 basically owned in gargantuan ways. Big big gargantuan ways. All the while being a totally different sort of movie than the first one, but still owning despite. You must end whatever pathetic mortal work you may happen to be doing, and go see it, for it is good. Along those lines, Troy comes out while we’re here, which pleases the girls to no end simply because of Brad Pitt. And pleases me for the whole concept, but. And for the guys, King Arthur may or may not come out, which means Kiera Knightly goodness. And for everyone, the Day After Tomorrow looks cool, even if it does remind me of a particular Heinlien book. Anyway. […]

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Live From London
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More Oxford than London, really, but we’ll get there in a moment. Had a strange dream this morning, wherein I went to McDonald’s to try to get an ice cream cone, a McFlurry, and a milkshake, and the people at the counter couldn’t understand a word I said. Eventually I got fed up, grabbed my stuff, and hopped on the tube. While this isn’t quite as strange as the random dream wherein Tara and I were sitting in what looked remarkably like the Monroe Elementary School cafeteria, eating baked beans and having a very passionate argument about the Roman Empire, considering the gesturing, the ice cream dream was still pretty strange. Also a bit more relevant than the Roman beans […]

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Glorious Nonsense
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4/20/04 Or such is the description of the play Cyrano de Bergerac by some dead guy who’s name I don’t quite remember. We went to go see it on Monday, and it’s a pretty accurate description. It’s a romantic tragedy set against sort of a schoolboy’s fantasy World War I, though the original was set in the 17th century, I think. It said about as much as you can expect any romance of the period to say, which is to say not much. But it does sort of remind me of how Marechal’s mind works, for what that’s worth. But at least the music, which was sort of medieval, and might have actually been real medieval for all I know, […]

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Rock Star/”Water is Best”
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And the doings of Thursday and Friday were…many. Starting with how the vast part of Thursday sucked quite a lot, insofar as I was enormously tired and enormously bored because of the three hour gap I have between classes. Nevertheless, we went to the British Museum for Literacy in the ANE, which was about as cool as you might expect it to be, and then a few of us went to lunch at the Hare and Tortoise, wherein much chicken in various forms of plant matter met untimely, yet tasty, ends. Once we actually got it, anyway, because the staff decided that we were obvious losers who didn’t deserve to eat before, say, the people who came in half an […]

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The Guns of Love Disastrous
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So I saw Journey’s End last night. First, though, I got lost in Picadilly Circus and Soho trying to find the theater, since I conveniently took the OTHER street that leads off from Picadilly Circus station, and got myself off in the comparative middle of nowhere, if you can call five blocks from Trafalgar Square the comparative middle of nowhere. Anyway. Unfortunately, the nice Middle Eastern man I asked for directions couldn’t understand me, and I couldn’t understand him, and I didn’t quite want to duck into one of the zillions of strip clubs to ask (the horror, I know). But I eventually found my way back, got on the right street, and found my way to the Comedy Theater, […]

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Happiness Is A Warm Camera
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4/11/04 As Easters go, this was a pretty good one. Everyone in London pretty much deserted the city for the holiday weekend, Jan and Paul went off to do family stuff, and Mike’s in Paris, so I had the house to myself, the tube to myself, the major roads to myself, and only had to share the British Museum with about 20 zillion American tourists who were apparently thinking the same thing I was about the lack of actual British people. Nevertheless, I spent something like two hours in the place, maybe three, and took something like 130-140 pictures. I love the British Museum. Exploring it today, I went a whole bunch of places I had already been, then took […]

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Because I’m tired of going through N54 for this: http://www.lurkerlounge.com/realmsbeyond/forums/ Desperately wanting a main page link for this, Gris. ;) (or am I just blind?)

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Champagne Supernova
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And another week passes. It’s Easter weekend here, which is a really big holiday, meaning we get a four day weekend, and I believe real schools get like 2 weeks off. I may or may not be going off to Leeds Castle later, depending on if people actually decide to call me or not. We shall see. In any case, I get to relax until Monday, which I really need to do, considering that even on a slow week, things are pretty busy. Last Saturday, which I apparently decided not to relate when I posted, a fairly decent group of us went on a “pub walk” around the city, which involved such highlights as: Katie, the map carrier from yesterday, […]

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Please Direct Your Attention to the Rediculously Large Building on the Left
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3/30 Well, here I am, writing on my third day in. My roommate, Mike, and I will be heading out for school here in 40 minutes or so, using London’s most excellent public transportation, the tube (or the Underground, if you want to be technical about it). The plane ride in sucked about as much as you would expect it to suck – I stayed up all night Friday for the trip up, sort of crashed on the plane to Dallas, and I mean sort of the in the sense that no, you’re not really awake, but you’re not really asleep, either, but you’ll definitely be in pain at the end of things. Anyway. For some reason, North Texas has […]

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