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Because this particular Penny Arcade strip about sums up my KOTOR experience lately. That and the “I most definitively did NOT let the Wookie win” quote I made to Whir. And just because this strip is funny as hell, we shall link it.

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“One actually has to be something of a specialist, today, to even begin to grasp quite how fantastically, how baroquely and at once brutally fucked the situation of the United States has since been made to be.” —William Gibson

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Big Brother
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Let me present the Nifty Program of the Day, a thing called World Wind. By NASA of all people. It’s an earth globe that can be covered with Landsat images, USGS topographic maps, and aerial photos, amongst other things. You can make landforms 3d if you want. Yes, this is very cool. Topographic map of the area near my house. Aerial of my house (house/land in the lower left corner). Aerial of Oregon State University. Directly right of the “Campus Post Office” in yellow is the history building, Milam Hall, and across the quad from it is the MU. Further right is a grassy area with crazy looking paths, and just below that is the library. Just to the right […]

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Atomic Bombing
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So apparently U2 came out with a new album. Thusly, small forest animals came unto Circuit City, and were provided with said U2 CD, and also KOTOR. The KOTOR part of this entry can be summed up by a comment Cole left on the original KOTOR entry: “Also known as CracKOTOR, this is a serious disease and we need to help all those affected by it. Please send donations to me so that i might oversee their treatment to my… I mean OUR benefit.” I was up until like, 5am this morning. So, yeah. But about this U2 CD. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb is the name of it, and it’s…yeah. I dunno, Bono. I dunno. I remember the […]

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Keep Moving, Nothing To See Here
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Right. So I guess it’s about time for another update. Rather unfortunately for you, I have almost nothing to talk about. Maybe when the new U2 album comes out tomorrow, but since we all know I hate U2, maybe not. Really about the only thing worth talking about for the moment is books. I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading lately. Considering the amount of BG42 that’s gotten played lately, it ought to be rather appropriate that most of it is WWII reading. Since I exhausted about every WWII book imaginable back when I was, say, 8, I’ve been trying to take a little bit of a different approach this time. See, most of what’s on the shelves is […]

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The Media War, Revisited
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Watched a film, a documentary, called Control Room tonight. Watched it three times back to back maybe, given that there are commentary tracks, too. Might watch it a fourth time. Needless to say, I think it’s good and you ought to watch it. For those of you who have no idea what I was just talking about, it’s a film that tries to examine the coverage Al Jazeera gave to the invasion of Iraq in ’03. Lots of AJ folks talking, of course, but also a few others, including a certain US Marine lieutenant named Josh Rushing, who you may remember from an NPR interview I linked to. Now, obviously if I just watched it for 4.5 hours straight, I […]

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To quote Regina, “Everything I am writing about seems really frivolous in light of the discussion on Dwip’s blog.” So, because we can’t be putting on pseudo-intellectual airs ALL the time, let’s indulge ourselves for a while. We’ll start with a quick note that this fortune cookie I just ate tastes disgusting, and just as quickly move on to, say, Star Wars. *cue theme music* Because, well, that lone guy in the Amazon rain forest is now alone. I too have seen the Special Edition Star Wars original trilogy. Hollywood Video is having this 99 cent per movie deal right now, and we’ve been indulging. So. And really, you hear some really excited stuff about the SEs. Things like this […]

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Delayed Response
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So you’d think I’d maybe chime in on the whole raging political debate thing before now, seeing as how it’s my blog and all, but no. But no. Too much Battlegroup 42, you understand, and it turns out that it’s my fate this year to get hit by every single disease known to man, so it’s been a fun week like that. So I’ve got a little bit to catch up with. 30 posts. I think that’s some sort of record for here, both in quantity and in relative quality. So I owe you all a big thank you for showing up and posting, and an even bigger one to the people who don’t show up much (Hi Samson, hi […]

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Yet Another Election Post
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You know, I don’t think Samson’s ever gotten his own blog post, and since he’s the one providing me with the space to HAVE a blog, that’s probably a little ungood of me, isn’t it? So we’ll just be doing that for a second, after these messages: Whir and I have been playing a Battlefield 1942 mod called Battlegroup 42, and it is leet. Astonishingly leet. What BF1942 should’ve been in the first place leet. Maybe a couple too many antitank rifles running around, but oh well. Anyway. Politics. We’ll start by quoting two comments made to the Four More Years post: Jesus. It scares me to no end to see how completely ignorant to reality the democrats have become. […]

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In God’s Country
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So I’m talking to Rema last night at Mechwarrior, and he says something to the effect of “I’ve decided I no longer consider myself an American, just an Oregonian.” And really there’s something to be said for that, because, well, consider: We had record turnout, and while that is on the one hand a good thing, said turnout appears to have been, from all appearances, made up of the sort of social conservatives I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. This after an exceedingly ugly campaign filled with viciousness and lies (not that we didn’t just have four years of such things, but the intensity went way up). It used to be, and I am reminded of it by […]

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Four More Years
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Well…shit. Not only did Bush get another term, it’s 53-44 Republican in the Senate, 231-200 Republican in the House. We got RULED. On the plus side, at least we had record voter turnout, so that’s something. And at least Oregon pretty solidly tread the Path of Goodness and voted solidly Dem. On the other hand, well, this whole thing revealed a lot of very ugly things about this country, starting with the method in which much of the campaigning was done, and ending just now with every single gay marriage ban measure making it in. Even in Oregon. And that, plus the Republicans flat out owning the federal government, worries me. A lot.

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For Great Justice
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Well, here we are (we’ve been here for hours, but never mind). Election Day. Voting places are starting to close, and bit by bit we’ll get results in. Gonna be a fun night, if you like political races like I do. Here’s thinking it’s going to be a close race. Hopefully, it’s close in Kerry’s favor and not Bush’s.

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