Blogger Inservice Day
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As it happens, I have a few things I want to talk about, but as it also happens, I’m having a good long talk with certain viral invaders of my body. Neither one of us seems to be taking it all that well, so we could be here for a while.

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“…godless infidel damnded red communist liberal heathen pagan heretic Genghis Khan and his bastard horde.”

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By Dwip February 21, 2005 at 4:56 pm Comments (3) RSS Feed for this post

Beat the O course today. Three times. Including the wall. Gome. About the first time ever I outlasted Laurent, too. :P *ducks* I sure am tired now.

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CracKOTOR, Redux
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So it turns out that almost nobody has seen me since about Monday or so, and if they have seen me, the conversation hasn’t been worth a lot, as I have been firmly focused on one thing, and that one thing has been KOTOR II. Because, well, holy shit. Those of you who remember me talking about the original KOTOR, be it the first or second times I played through, will remember me saying much the same thing, namely that this game is awesome and to sacrifice sleep and friendships for it is a small price to pay to bask in such glory. It’s not a hard game, really, not in the way the first game could be frequently deadly […]

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On Friendship
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This was actually supposed to go in the comment section of Regina’s blog, in response to this post here, but it sort of outgrew that, so here we are. Since most of the people involved in the discussion read us both, this shouldn’t be an issue. Those of you who don’t read this one, don’t worry. The evil-looking, lightsaber-wielding small forest animals are kind, friendly, evil-looking, lightsaber-wielding small forest animals. (We’ll talk about the vampirism and the squirrel aliens some other time) So, let’s talk about friendships and things. But first, a word from our sponsors reminding you that Valentine’s Day can only be a cool holiday IF you’re not single. If you are, it’s decidedly the opposite. Yeah, I […]

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As I come to the end of Call of Duty, I realize that I’ve been playing an atrocious number of first person shooters lately. I blame this on Battlefield Vietnam, though why I picked it up in the first place is beyond me. Having almost nothing to play but Half-Life while I was overseas didn’t really help me not playing them any, and then the month Whir and I spent blowing the crap out of each other in BFV when I got to MI made me realize that, for whatever reason I didn’t like FPS games before, this attitude was stupid and wrong, because really, sniping pixelized NVA dudes is fun. Or, if you’re Whir, you’d note that watching me […]

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Pain Is A Sign Of Weakness Leaving the Body, Part II
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So we figure that, if bigger, neater blogs than this one can do the whole guest blogging thing, us demented rabbit types can do it too. Laurent’s here to tell us all about my adventures on the obstacle course at OSU. I’ll have my own comments on this whole experience, but we’ll do those in a post that’s not this one. Yes, small forest animals were harmed in the creation of this post. But only in one of the parts you might think. =================================== Here comes the long awaited account of Erik’s great adventure through the “O-Course” (not the big “O” so get your mind out of the gutter.) In order for you to have an idea of who the […]

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