The Infallibility of Youth
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This, besides being a comedic gold mine the likes of which can only gape at in awe, is also a reminder that Whir should probably make his archives pages spiffier and get them to, say, match the rest of his site. Now, off to see about some deer cavortation. [edit – Placing a copy here for great justice] Whir: This one kid thinks that he has the answers for a utopian society, and that “old farts” like me are just ruining it because we don’t care about the younger generation. Whir: One of his ideas, mind you, includes printing fake “real” money and ruining the value of the dollar so that people realize that money is evil. Whir: I’ve […]

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Napoleon Tauntage
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We’re on a roll today. Quoth Whir: We need to have an entire website dedicated to Marechal conversations. Me: Napoleon lost, though. Besides, he completely subverted the Revolution. Which isn’t to say that the Revolution didn’t need subverting, but when the whole goal of the thing is to ESCAPE monarchy, well. But it’s, you know, the French. Can’t do anything right. Marechal: Napoleon abolished the monarchy! Me: Yeah, you could sort of say he did. Except then he set himself up, which sort of, you know, defeats the purpose. Marechal: As Emperor. Me: Because, you know, changing the name makes your dictatorship that much better than other, wannabe dictatorships. Me: Whir: Ask him how he feels about giant airships, steam-powered […]

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Radio, Play My Favorite Song
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Radio, radio… So, for today’s exciting Driving In Cars story, they’re ripping up Highway 99 through Monroe, and due to the ludicrousness of their flagger placement and the incomprehensible signals I was being flashed, I almost got run over by a semi. That was fun. I have since resolved that Kyle and Alpine Roads will be my friends. Screw you, ODOT. We don’t need your stinking traffic light anyway. Anyway. So I was musing about the current state of radio today, and I came up with a few things radio stations ought to pay some attention to. They won’t, but they can’t say I didn’t warn them. 1) I don’t care what your morning or afternoon or whatever show is, […]

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The Rabbit Candidate
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As it happens, yesterday was a fabulous day. Bright sunshine, warm, perfect day to blare music and drive down the road a lot, which is what I ended up doing. This was prefaced by an excellent weekend wherein the parental types left for the coast, and I had the house to myself for three days, which as you can imagine was just fine by me. I also watched the remade Manchurian Candidate, which was exceedingly cool in a very creepy way. Kind of reminded me of Fight Club, in a way. I shall now need to acquire and watch the original. I also read all the way through Watership Down, which although it contained no actual rabbits in space*, was […]

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Zot Zot Revolution
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(Because we all remember our Megatokyo, right?) While I recognize that most of you will have no freaking clue what I’m talking about, I find it heartily amusing that, no matter how much Liao or Jade Falcon I play in MWDA, I never seem to win with them, yet the instant I go back to my Spirit Cat light mech roots, I suddenly kick ass all over the place. Yes, in a total triumph of old school I’ve-had-these-pieces-since-I-first-started-playing-two-years-ago pieces, Kym Nova Cat, Malisa Nova Cat, a Locust, of all things, and a Panther pretty much totally cleaned up in our multiplayer lance battles last night. Huzzah. Newest piece there was the Panther, from the last set. Newest piece before that? […]

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Food Heresy
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Me: You know, craving cherry-flavored cough syrup is a bit strange. Whir: Um. You’re sick. See a head shrinker. Me: Well, I don’t think it was the cough syrup so much as the artificial cherry flavoring. Whir: I stand by my original statement. Me: What’s wrong with artificial cherry flavoring? Whir: You’re not right in the head. Me: So you’re a blasphemer against artificial cherry flavoring. Whir: No, you’re a heathen who likes it. Me: Ok, so what do you get on snow cones then? Whir: The blue stuff. Me: WTH is blue? Whir: Usually raspberry. Me: Nononono. The true flavors for snow cones are cherry or root beer. Maybe bubble gum, but that’s more properly applied to the Baskin […]

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So, you know, here I am. Highway 99, middle of nowhere, coming home after a reasonably lengthy day. Looking forward to some food. *BANG!* Whoops, that didn’t sound so great. Wonder what it was… *bumpbumpbumpbumpbump* Oh hell. I’ve got a flat. Doesn’t that just suck. So I pull over, which is no small accomplishment, considering that the shoulder of 99 is just about wide enough to ride a bike on, if you’ve got small tires and don’t mind the 2 foot drop if you slip. Turned out my right rear tire had a fairly nice gash in the side, which pretty much killed any chance of making it very far. Too, attempting to change it for the spare right then […]

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Gimme A Ticket For An Airplane
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Oh boy did I butcher THAT song title. Anyway. Since previous bloggage has fallen off the page, I guess I should say something. Not that anybody said anything to the last post. Since most of what I’ve done lately has been Mechwarrior/Battletech related (I ran BT for 8 hours straight at a local game con last weekend!), I guess I’ll settle for a tiny other bit of news. I’m going to go see Regina in May, and she’s taking me to go see U2. Yeah, that’s pretty freaking awesome, to say the least.

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By Dwip April 3, 2005 at 3:16 pm Comments Off on Quote RSS Feed for this post i think in the whole sense of the “information superhighway”, my isp ended up driving a yugo down some dirt road Me: “Monroetel lives!” Clyos: “cept ours is a 80s Trans Am on cinder blocks, it doesn’t move”

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