Sheer Randomness
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As opposed to opaque randomness, which…nevermind. So I think in my Sith review, I forgot to talk about the discussion we had about where, presumably if you got enough monkeys together, you could train at least one of them to be a Jedi. It is then further possible you could train this Jedi monkey to wield three lightsabers, including the tail one. I managed to find the Tape I Had Been Looking For For Ten Years yesterday. Except it wasn’t the Awesome TIHBLFFTY, it was that other one, the Tape I Locked Away For Ten Years To Avoid Reminding Myself Of My Crack-Fueled Childhood. Because, well, if you take every 60s song I hate with a passion, put some of […]

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Sith Sith Revolution
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You folks what haven’t seen Episode III yet, know that there will be spoilers. So, beyond discovering the horrible truth that Laurent has not seen ANY Monty Python, Men In Tights (or any Mel Brooks movie), Spaceballs, or Bill and Ted, we all went and watched Episode III. Which, as we all know, would determine the fate of George Lucas, because if it was as bad as I and II, I was going to drive down there, kill him, and stick his head on a pike. I fully expected to go do that after the movie got out. Boy was I ever wrong. That movie rocked. The bad points: Well, George still can’t write dialogue, and he can’t write romance […]

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“Soon we shall rule the universe as father and son…and…er…Thag…” —MD on

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Blast From the Past
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First, damn all you people with SC4K. All I have is SC2K. Or, as it calls itself, SC2K4WIN, because, well, back in 1993 there was that whole DOS thing still going on. Also, the 3.25″ floppy. Such as, for instance, the two my copy of SC2K are on. Now. SC2K is awesome for a variety of reasons, but I’ll simply quote you one: AVID CAPITALIST RUNNING DOG LACKEYS – Yemen grunted yesterday that it supports its capitalist running dog lackeys. In their peace-keeping efforts, the capitalist running dog lackeys infiltrated the opposition’s capitol. Their actions, they reported, were the only way they will possibly avert hostilities. Grand Poombah Watanabe, cranky with the news, sputtered “I’m not ready to hold back […]

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LOTR Geekery
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Tali, Laurent, Laurent’s friend Chris, and I just watched the extended editions of all three LOTR movies, back to back. It took like, 12 hours. And it kind of dragged for a while at the end, because, well, let’s face it. That’s a lot of movie watching. But now I can say that I’ve done it. And that makes me glad. Random commentary during the film involved such things as: (during the Balrog scene) “The Balrog sure does look like Diablo.” (randomly during the Balrog/Gandalf falling bit) “…and the IRS always gets you.” “So when the IRS gets you, you have to fight Diablo?” Also, there was various discussion about the sexual orientation of hobbits, as has oft been a […]

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Invasion of the Rabbit People
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Thanks to Regina, we grow stronger and stronger every day… Now we are legion! In other news, thanks to Suzanne, you may now see the Deerphin in all its aquatic, fish cavorting glory.

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Cavort to the Music (Live)
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We might even find some robot slaves, too, if we’re lucky. Because, as we all know, we’re all about robot slaves and free food and all that. However, we are not all about driving on I-5 between semis, nor are we about Continental Airlines, which is perhaps the worst airline I have had the misfortune to take in recent memory. But the tickets were cheap, and I got to sleep on the plane, so whatever. As it happens, I ran into a couple of guys from Portland while trying to make the train ticket machine spit my $3 back up, both of whom had made the same midnight flight from Portland to Houston, then to Philadelphia. Small world. To make […]

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Since various people want me to update, but I have nothing to update WITH, I shall simply note that in 5 hours I shall be leaving for Philadelphia, a U2 concert, and vast entertainment, and most of you will not. So nyah. That will be all.

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The new support vehicle construction rules in the Battletech Combat Equipment Guide are way too much fun. So far, since getting the book, I’ve made 2 different helicopters, 2 assorted naval vessels (Because we all remember The Boat, right?), and a train. Then there’s this: Clan Monocycle of Doom: Weight: 100 kg (Monocycle, Ultra-light chassis) Engine: Fusion Cruise MP: 15 (162.0 km/h) Flank MP: 23 (248.4 km/h) Weapons and Equipment: Heavy Recoilless Rifle w/Advanced FCS (2 shots) Cost: 4,789 C-Bills BV: 81 Yes, Virginia, they do make 29 kg fusion engines in the future. And this is the Clans, so picture sticking an aerospace pilot in an armed version of one of these, and going off at 250 kilometers per […]

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