Down With the Sickness
By Dwip March 30, 2006 at 11:15 pm Comments (3) RSS Feed for this post

No, really, I have great excuses for not posting anything lately. Honest. Two very good ones, even. Excuse A: Oblivion got here Tuesday. Which should be enough by itself. Let’s just be clear, here. Oblivion looks better than any other game you’ve ever played, ever. By entire orders of magnitude. That or it makes your computer shoot blue flames, which I assure you was not the case with me. So I did the tutorial dungeon thing, and then stepped out into the world, whereupon I was like “OMFG! OMFG! OMFG!” a lot. Then I was like “Hey Dad, check this out!” and he was like “OMFG! OMFG! OMFG!” a lot too. And then we spent a lot of time making […]

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Pop Muzik
By Dwip March 17, 2006 at 7:22 pm Comments (8) RSS Feed for this post

The world turns/and we get dizzy/slipping away… Wherein I’m going to do a whole lot of rambling about U2, but not before I note that Oblivion comes out, well, soon, and so chances of anyone seeing me for a time after that are…slim. Anyway. Some of you may remember this post from the days of yore, wherein I discuss my far too extensive collection of U2 singles, which is at this point actually larger than my collection of Smashing Pumpkins singles, which I assure you takes some doing. You will all fear my collection of SP boots and live shows, however, because it is of reasonable size. At any rate, this is all significant, because, now that I have money, […]

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Serial Experiments: Blog
By Dwip March 13, 2006 at 6:17 am Comments (5) RSS Feed for this post

First off, the blog turned 3 yesterday, about which I can only say that Whir overcoming my skepticism and getting me to start this thing was probably one of his better ideas. On another note, I watched pretty much all of Serial Experiments: Lain over the weekend, because it’s about that short and about that good, and I THINK I pretty much know what was going on with it now. It makes a lot more sense the second time around, much like Fight Club, if Fight Club were more like LSD than not. On the other hand, Lain’s trying to say some fairly profound stuff, I think, or maybe it’s not, because I still haven’t quite figured it out yet. […]

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By Dwip March 9, 2006 at 6:21 am Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

There’s snow on my car. WTH? I want a refund on today.

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In Conversation
By Dwip March 7, 2006 at 6:43 pm Comments Off on In Conversation RSS Feed for this post

Let’s see. So at work, somehow everyone’s having this conversation about puberty and balls dropping which somehow evolved from oral sex and nachos, and Tye walks by, and he’s like “Careful, or they might corrupt you.” “Oh,” I say, “I’m already far more corrupt than that.” LPSes to the razor-bladed dildo-shaped courtesy phone please, LPSes. In other news: Suzanne: linkage Me: Rock ON, I say. Where’d it come from? Her: The packaging on the exercise wheel I got my rats Me: Too awesome. Her: thought you might like that. Me: It’s just so…perfect.

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Rabbits On Film
By Dwip March 6, 2006 at 8:53 pm Comments (3) RSS Feed for this post

Though no rabbits were, in fact, filmed in the making of this post, I’ve still got Duran Duran stuck in my head. Thanks, Speed Grapher. Thanks, Whir. More on those in a minute. First, a word from our Battletech sponors. Remember: In the 31st century, life is cheap. Battlemechs are expensive. This is why, in Friday night’s BT game against Cole, I found myself, in our long-delayed debut of the epic Bridge War map, facing off against, yes, 4 Warhammers and an entire reinforced battalion (15 platoons) of 0 gunnery elite jump rifle infantry riding unarmed VTOL transports, who dropped all over the place in my backfield and annoyed my side a lot. And then, after my guys killed all […]

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Your PA Calls Will Be Graded
By Dwip March 2, 2006 at 7:20 pm Comments (4) RSS Feed for this post

With a nod to John Scalzi for having a good title to steal, I will now entertain you with how we entertain ourselves at work. But first, since I need to vent, let’s describe the end of today. So, imagine you have 3 sets of doors, A, B, and C. They are all the exact same, except door B is 1/8″ wider than door A, and C is 1/8″ taller than door A. Given parts to these sets of doors, which turn out not to have been sorted correctly together, make the doors. Yeah, not so easy. Why it was so hard to make them all the same size is beyond me. Now, to add to that, we have this […]

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