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[19:44] PxcTNK: I mean, so many people want Oblivion here, it actually overtook “porn” as the most searched item on our network for a while. And that’s amazing.

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Will Work For Humor
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A small sampling of work-related humor. I’d do the large sample, but I can’t really figure out the proper way to describe Joel and Carlos yet. Suffice it to say that Joel has nicknamed me Snake, and delights in yelling it from time to time at me, alternating with maniacal laughter. This is much more amusing than it sounds, even. As to work itself, well, that can be summed up by the fact that in two days we’ve had twenty-eight door rebuilds, mostly in-shop rejects caused by overwork by the understaffed assembly group, made worse by my being hauled off to sanding table for hours and days on end. This is, perhaps, worse than it sounds, and prompts a good […]

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Who Put the Lights Out
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Back in those days of yore, say before 1995 or so, we used to get a lot of power outages, at least in proportion to these, well, enlightened days of today, in which we get maybe one a year if that. I in particular remember one outage on a hot evening in what was probably the late 80s, I was reading a book on all the presidents up to the first Bush when the power went out and stayed out. I read that book all evening until I ran out of light at dusk, then continued by candlelight. Pretty good book. I was thinking of that episode last night when, yes, the power went out, disturbing my reading of Bill […]

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Oblivion In Review
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Wherein we, in that long tradition of game reviews, shall now turn our leporidic gaze upon that most anticipated of recent RPGs, Oblivion. The short of it is that mostly it’s like the coolest thing you’ve ever played, with a few things that work…not so well. I feel the need here to note that Bethesda has inherited the mantle that Origin used to wear, and has done it quite well. Both companies went for large, freeform worlds, using engines that pushed the capabilities of computers of the day. This is, in fact, the second time I’ve upgraded my computer just to play a Bethesda game, the last time being when I got tired of 5 minute cell loads in Morrowind […]

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Now Is the Winter Of Our Discontent
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Thanks for the title, Will. Most of you have already heard one form or another of this rant, but I need something to talk about, so. I want to talk about Oblivion, but I’d like to finish it first, so. The good thing there is, at the rate I’m playing, that won’t take long. I played, well, all weekend, really. Including about 10 hours after a full day of overtime, which brings us to… …my boss is either retarded, or just flat out isn’t thinking. This became aparent after Wednesday, when, despite not having the two people there who can run one of the most critical machines, we STILL got our two and a half units out the door, which […]

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Nothing To Say
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I got nothing to say…nothing but the one thing, as the song goes. From the opening pages of Norman Cantor’s The Civilization of the Middle Ages, I quote St. Bernard of Clairvaux: “There are some who wish to learn for no other reason than that they may be looked upon as learned, which is a ridiculous vanity, … Others desire to learn that they may morally instruct others; that is love. And lastly, there are some who wish to learn that they may be themselves edified; and that is prudence.” Those expecting a real entry, well, I’ll probably talk about Oblivion or something in a time. That time is not now.

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