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“Just as they had done in the 1980s and would do again in the 2000s, the Republicans were trying to abolish arithmatic.” —Bill Clinton

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Fun With Spam
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Since we’re all sitting here despamming our blogs, let us once again appreciate how much more awesome Regina’s spam is than my spam: [19:41] starflier06: But, like, ok. This is a piece of spam I just got: miniature horse beer for my horse trojan horse horse saddle draft horse horse race horse name horse adoption trick pony western saddle horse lover trick pony horse stalls horse ride barrel horse horse jewelry pony girl horse health horse photo horse free horse horse racing [19:42] starflier06: so i’ll take horse out of all links. but that’s a weird word to have to blacklist, y’know? [19:45] starflier06: Hey, here’s the sort of thing you like: In process of time, however, it seems to […]

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Never the Machine Forever
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Soundgarden for the win. So, Saturday, here. Spent Friday mostly freaking right the hell out about school, URI starting the 20th of this month, etc, calmed slightly by a few kind souls. So Saturday I’m settling down for some serious Getting Shit Ready To Go work, when Dad comes in with the mail. “You might want to check this,” he says, handing me an SCSU envelope. And I quote: “Dear Erik: I am pleased to notify you that the Admission committee has recommended your acceptance into the Master of Library Science degree program. All newly admitted students must immediately file a planned program in order to matriculate into the program.” Etc, etc. So I’m more or less into SCSU, which […]

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…we just got served, team. Apparently whatever SCSU told me and reality don’t comply with each other, which means I’m not admitted there at all. URI’s summer term apparently starts on the 20th of this month, and I don’t even know if I have all my ducks in a row for that, either, because I thought I had another month for some dumbass reason. Kinda freaking out about now.

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Quality Control
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Somebody should name a band that. I dunno why. But yeah. One of the things I love about my job is when I start talking about our quality control and our reject rate. Used to be, and Dad could barely believe himself when I said this, that we’d rebuild probably 2 doors in every 50 or so, which works out to something around 4-5%. Today, by contrast, we built between 110-120 doors, and rebuilt around 20. Which is more like 15-20%. You can only laugh, really.

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