*lightsaber noises*
By Dwip September 28, 2006 at 7:29 pm Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

Reveling in my newfound gain in internet connectivity, which I say newfound because Comcast died on me for like three days, I shall give unto you, my faithful readers, a blog post. I could talk about school, say, but I just had two classes on searching, pretty much in a row, and it’s not THAT interesting a topic. I did some work for my assistantship today, but that was, if you count the half hour I spent BSing with Sarah on the phone, about 4 hours of putting things in envelopes. So instead I’m going to talk about Star Wars, because I just sat down and watched all six movies consecutively (not in the same day, mind you), and have […]

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By Dwip September 23, 2006 at 7:56 pm Comments Off on 2588 RSS Feed for this post

…is how many emails are sitting in my email box right now. To all my various comment spammers, I’d like to extend a big Fuck You to y’all. To the rest of you, I’m now reconnected at home. Feels good, it does.

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Alive and Kicking
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As you all may have deduced from my (infrequent) tagboard postings, I AM actually alive here in CT, though astonishingly busy and unable to connect to the internet except through the campus labs. I think I may finally have time to go work on that, so I imagine I shall, since not being on the internet is a horrific fate. I’ve actually called AT&T about the possibility of getting a phone line and DSL put into my apartment, but apparently in the 21st century, this new age of information, AT&T cannot bring themselves to offer any sort of high speed access in my chunk of a very densely populated urban area. Apparently they’re still all about dialup, which while it […]

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By Dwip September 4, 2006 at 7:24 am Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

Well, I’ve got a place, and it looks like I’ll be moving in tonight. So until I get hooked up for the ‘net there, y’all won’t be seeing me on for a while. Maybe at school. We’ll see. Most of you know my phone number anyway, so.

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Cash Car Star
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Connecticut Driving Rules: 1. If you’re not going at least 10 above the posted speed, you’re not even in the game. It’s ok to slow it down to 5 above, but only when it’s night and dumping rain. If you go the speed limit, you will get passed. 2. Passing on the right isn’t just ok, it’s a moral obligation. 3. If the lane you need isn’t marked on the road, just invent one. Right turn lanes, left turn lanes, whatever you need. Don’t worry about people on the other side of the road, intersection, or whatever – they’ll move. 4. Need somewhere to park? It’s always ok to park on the side of the street, even if you’re blocking […]

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