In That Epic Struggle, Part One
By Dwip November 29, 2006 at 4:28 pm Comments (6) RSS Feed for this post

Since I keep talking about how I’ve been writing down the adventures of the intrepid heroes of the last Forgotten Realms D&D game I ran, Jason prodded me about posting them here. Since the only other thing I have to talk about is skipping class because I’m so tired from working on my ILS 501 database I can’t think to drive, I’ll just go ahead and do so. But let us not begin with our latest heroes, because that’s closer to the end of the story. Instead, let’s talk about our original heroes. The time, as best I recall, is 1997. The game was AD&D, Second Edition, with all the various game-breaking books. Our Heroes: Kink, Human Cleric of Valkur […]

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By Dwip November 26, 2006 at 12:33 pm Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

I’d love to say I got a lot done this Thanksgiving break, but I really didn’t. My sole human interaction was with the mail lady yesterday, and I’m currently hard at work on my Access database for ILS 501. Every so often you have to do an Access project, just to remind yourself how much databases just totally suck. They’re the Antichrist. So what I’ve actually done with my week, besides spending a couple days so far on this database, is watch a crapload of anime, and work on a bunch of D&D stuff. Well, some D&D stuff. The most awesome-looking maps nobody will ever see, because I am, as Whir told me, a perfectionist. I’d love to tell you […]

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What’s Old Is New Again
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So Mom’s birthday was the 17th, and she calls me up, and she’s like “Dad got me a 40″ widescreen TV!” “Ooo,” I say. “Will it fit in my luggage when I come home?” So then she calls me last night, and we’re talking, and she says “Oh, you’ll never guess what our new pre-bedtime ritual is now.” “Er, no…” I say, wondering if there’s some goat sacrificing or something I just wasn’t aware of for 25 years. “We’ve been playing Mario!” “Mario. Like, original NES, Mario 1? That Mario?” “Yeah! With the coins, and the plants that eat you!” “That’s too awesome.” I say. Because there’s something highly amusing about my parents hooking up games from my 1980s childhood […]

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Winning the Internet, One Site At A Time
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First Wikipedia, then the world! Also this, just ’cause. And a bit of gaming action, also just ’cause. NWN2 – I thought having to run through a wall of fire to get their guys was cool. It didn’t save them, but. And the extra-special “Yeah, BG2 is still cool.” shot. That’s from the Solaufien mod, and check out how many effect icons Sola has, anyway. That fight was more than just a little out of control, as you might be able to tell. Each of my mages (3) went in there with contigencies, spell triggers, and lesser spell triggers, plus other buff spells. I shot off something like 3 Abu-Dazim’s Horrid Wiltings, 6 Cloudkills, a couple of Teleport Fields, and […]

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Next Up, In Tonight’s World Domination News
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[03:27] Gormican: I’m raising Gnome the bunny to be EVIL its all part of my plan! [03:27] Dwip: With that name… [03:29] Gormican: soon he will grow into an evil Bunny and join the gnomes where he shall train in thier wily ways [03:30] Dwip: … [03:30] Gormican: then he will infiltrate the rabbit lair [03:30] Gormican: and subvert the female rabbits with his sexy James Bond style ines [03:30] Gormican: lines [03:31] Gormican: and slowly form a Rabbit rebellion force to overthrow thier leaders [03:31] Dwip: Bunny. James Bunny. [03:32] Gormican: but of course all his rebel forces will be powerless compared to his heroic mojo [03:32] Gormican: In a heroic manner he will free the rabbits and become […]

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Butt-Kicking, For Goodness! Part III
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Brought on by TNK talking about Planescape: Torment (a game I sorely need to play one of these days), a bit of BG2 rambling, since I actually played an entire game of it while traveling across the country. So let us make a couple of additions to this list here. I should put all of this on a page somewhere one of these days. Najah (NE Elf Male Assassin) BG1 Tutu end date 12/12/05 (Level 10) BG2 stop date 09/11/06 (Level 16) At the bottom of the old list, I mention a couple of things I really wanted to do, two of which were soloing a thief through, and soloing BG1. I also wanted to test out a mod called […]

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Even the Box Is Beautiful
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With a nod to this MT strip. As Sarah was telling me Friday, with a nod to this old MT strip, it’s funny how they were talking about NWN1, and here we are on NWN2. Not to mention the about 6 year progression between a BG2 which hadn’t come out when that strip was made, and NWN2, which is 6 years and 2 engines more advanced. I’m sure that had a point somewhere. Anyway, let’s talk about NWN2. Actually, first, let’s talk about NWN1, with a nod to my old Alsherok review of it. I find it deeply amusing that as it was in 2002, here we are in 2006 with both an Elder Scrolls game and a Neverwinter Nights […]

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On the Political Rabbit
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So I haven’t particularly been talking about politics on here for a while, being still worn out from that whole ’04 mess, wherein we all kind of went off the deep end for a few months. But I do want to note a few things, post-election. 1. I did not, to be honest, actually vote. Had I still been registered as an Oregon voter I would have, though I wouldn’t have been excited about my choices – OR conservatives are a scary bunch in general, and Kulongoski’s not exactly the greatest governor we’ve ever had, really. However, since I’m now a CT voter, and I’m brand new in the state, I found that I didn’t like the idea of trying […]

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Mr. Rabbit’s Neighborhood
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So I’ve been promising various people (hi Mom, hi Dad!) a glimpse at what scenic Hamden, CT actually looks like, and what exactly I’ve gotten myself into here. Today, as it happens, is your lucky day. I have a fair bit about Neverwinter Nights 2 I want to say, but I’m going to wait on that until I finish it. So let’s start with school pictures, since I took those first, back in August. Campus was really the first thing I found, see, oddly enough since getting to SCSU from either interstate isn’t exactly trivial. But anyway, I spent about a week hanging out at school and then living in a hotel. It turns out that we have a duck […]

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