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“Oh…will save vs almond roca! …failed…” —Brian

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When the Snow Comes
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I’ve got a whole ton of work to get done today, so it is likely I shall be unresponsive. To assuage your anguish over this, I give unto you pictures, possibly to be joined later by better pictures Sarah is putting up. We shall see. From our recent snow week: The house. Later all that snow near my car turned into a 2 inch sheet of ice I couldn’t get out of. First Street looking towards Dixwell. Warren Street looking away from the house. And from the balcony across the backyard.

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Mi Mi Miracle Mikaru-rin
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I’m just going to blatantly copy Whir’s latest post, here. First, however, a message from our sponsors: Enjoy sleep in a normal fashion, normally. If you thought that that was my favorite line from Fumoffu, you’d be mostly right. “Fumoffu!” beats it out, but only because it’s accompanied by the appearance of Bunta-kun, who wins all comedy known to mankind. However, if he didn’t win something, it would likely be won by Suzumiya Haruhi, whose anime wins on enormous levels. Just trust me on this. I also watched the Shogun miniseries again. As many of you know, I like the story just a little bit. A touch. Some. Maybe. All I’m saying. Except that one of these days I want […]

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Under a Dark Grey Sky
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In a bizzare mood today. Not enough sleep, thinking. Caught the view out my window, and kinda liked it, so I decided to share. This is Sarah’s fault, though she doesn’t yet know it.

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The Edible Ways of Food
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Just because I did this tonight and I think I’ve worked it out, let’s talk about food and the cooking thereof. 1. For pepper steak marinade, you need about a packet and a half or maybe two packets of marinade. Two is probably enough to cover the steaks properly. Probably need about 2/3 of the vinegar they recommend – tonight’s came out pretty vinegary, though good. 2. Shaw’s thin steaks are definitely not as awesome as Safeway’s. 3. Broiling is totally the pro move on my oven. Unfortunately my oven sucks. I miss electric. Now, on the supposition that you were going to fry some potatoes to go along with these steaks, no problem. If you start frying them about […]

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On Hunting
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[22:20] Tonto_Marechal: No. The ONLY DOS games I ever played were Doom (i & ii), Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein … might have been two of those too … but yeah. Only DOS games I ever played. Unless Oregon Trail counts. =p [22:20] Dwip: Apple IIe Oregon Trail for the win. [22:21] Dwip: Your attempt to ford the river has failed. [22:22] Tonto_Marechal: lol. Lotta memories… not so much of making it to Oregon though. [22:22] Dwip: Do it by the end of lunch if you didn’t mess around hunting too much. [22:23] Dwip: OTOH, hunting WAS that fun. [22:25] Tonto_Marechal: Hunting was amazing. Like … like as amazing as the first time you liberate Holy Jerusalem from the despotic, godless, […]

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Life Or Gaming Like It
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So in the discussion threads for my management class, I spent a fair amount of time talking about my job at CC in relation to how management through fear does not, in fact, keep the peasants in line. Fair enough, I guess. Nice actual job experience. And then, in the thread about participatory management, I wrote quite a bit detailing my experiences as Head Builder for Alsherok, and how to motivate one’s employees to contribute ideas and suchlike. I can tell you right now, when I was 17 and getting my assistant KL gig on Shard, I did not think to myself “Wow, this will totally be valuable management experience later on in life!” For that matter, I didn’t exactly […]

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On the Booklist
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Since I kind of talked about doing this in the last entry, and since the last entry has descended into a food fight, well, I’m just going to blather about what’s on my reading list these days. The rest of you can just feel free to pimp your own reading lists or something. In the recently read pile: Joe Haldeman, The Forever War – An interesting little book, sort of Starship Troopers-esque, though parts of it remind me of Ender’s Game. Our protagonist spends, well, a long time fighting in space. I liked it, though as with all SF of the same sort, I always giggle at the obligatory coed infantry units which are rampant orgies in the off time. […]

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I’m really typing this so I don’t need to read my homework, so be warned I guess. [05:49] Dwip: *sigh* Mac people. [05:50] Dwip: Also Linux people. [05:50] Whir: Eh? [05:52] Dwip: Oh, reading people talking about Vista. The comment thread is overrun with people going “omg win0wz is teh sux0rz lol” [05:52] Whir: Pft. [05:52] Dwip: Mostly people going “Yeah, OS X is the shit.” [05:53] Dwip: You know, I’ve used OS X about twice. How people actually get anything done on Macs is beyond me. [05:53] Dwip: Then again I have the most bizzare desktop setup known to man. [05:54] Whir: You do, actually. [05:54] Whir: I can do stuff in OSX, it’s not too bad. [05:56] Dwip: […]

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