In Time
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And so, to quote the movie, another year passes. How is it with you? Because, having finished Spring semester and going now into Summer, I feel like I should talk a little bit about the past year. But first, let’s give it up for air conditioning, and its presence in my room. Because heat with humidity sucks the suck fantastic. It’s another way in which Oregon is vastly superior to the world – hot? Maybe. Humid? No. The tornado warning (!) last week was interesting, too. Anyway. About this time last year, I was freaking out a lot, trying to figure out if I was getting into SCSU, realizing that otherwise I was going to need to move to Rhode […]

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We’ll start with the actual IM conversational stuff, then move on to the funny D&D stuff. [15:24] Whir: Dried ramen? So you cooked it, then let it dry? [15:24] Dwip: No. [15:24] Dwip: I crunched it up into small pieces in the package, dumped it into a glass, dumped the seasoning packet in, shook vigorously, then ate it. [15:25] Whir: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!?! [03:00] Dwip: I’m going to drive to your house and beat you up. [03:00] Whir: Fine. Then we can game. [03:01] Dwip: *laughing helplessly* [20:50] serenadingwords: No! Not the Futon of Orangeness! [00:27] TontoMarius: And he’s right. But the version we got was so anti-sucking. [00:28] serenadingwords: you have interesting phraseology. [00:28] TontoMarius: […]

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Pushing the Boundries of Reality
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[02:00] Whir: [neogeek] Well, not gaou, but the noise vampire dinosaurs make because it’s like sucking the blood out of consumers. Still trying to figure out what the sound would be though. [Mael] You’re not a vampire, or a dinosaur, or a vampire dinosaur. [neogeek] Of course not, it’s not a full moon tonight. [02:01] Dwip: Vampiric weredinosaur? [02:01] Whir: Don’t give him any ideas. [02:01] Dwip: I should stat one of those for D&D. [02:02] Dwip: Like, you walk into the cave and get assaulted by a pack of vampiric werevelociraptors. [02:02] Whir: Hm. [02:02] Whir: I bet you could do it with eTools. [02:02] Dwip: I’m sure I could. Well, it turns out that velociraptors in D&D are […]

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A partial list of my Wikipedia search history for the day. Madame de Pompadour List of French Royal Mistresses Catherine Henriette de Balzac d’Entragues Francoise-Athenais, Marquise de Montespan Poison Affair Also 15+ assorted other mistresses. Fanny Hill Pope Pontian And about 10 more popes. Hippolytus of Rome Antipope Sedevacantist Antipope Zladko Vladcik Colonial America North of Rio Grande St. Augustine, Florida Castillo de San Marcos Basilica Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA Pope Benedict XVI and Islam The thread, such as it is, starts with Whir and I talking anime, goes to Madame de Pompadour, then to my amazement at a list of French royal mistresses existing on Wikipedia, down through several of them, a couple of plots, […]

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