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[14:12] Whir: When the going gets hot, the hot get ice cream-cicles.

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View From The Window
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Because living here has its slight compensations from time to time.

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A slightly out of context transcript from tonight’s D&D game, because playing Anglaspark the dragon was quite amusing for me. Extraneous bits trimmed. Wherein previously, Our Heroes have charmed an orc, questioned it, and sent it to summon the huge blue dragon Anglaspark to a parley… *Anglaspark lands* GM: So he’s a huge-sized dragon, bigger than a lot of buildings you’ve seen. Curious sort of look on his face. Little tarnished brass crown on his head. Dinendal: Greetings Great Anglaspark! Anglaspark: Why, adventurers! And you’ve charmed my orc! How CUTE! *Anglaspark claps his forelegs together.* joesf (Tanner): does he leap into the air to do it? Erik: He kinda does, yeah. Anglaspark: Now, who might you chaps be, and what […]

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Because I was reading about random panzers this morning for no real reason, got captivated by this thing and the concept, and ran with it in CBT support vehicles rules. The old ones, mind you, as I haven’t the new ones. Type: Wiesel Mass: 1,100 kg Speed: 5/8 ICE (tracked, amphibious) Range: 200 km Armor: 6 points BAR7 (2 front, 1 L/R, 1 rear, 1 turret) Weapons: See below (all have basic fire control) Primary: 1x Support MG w/900 rounds, 1x Semi-Portable MG w/960 rounds Cost 7,417 Alt A: 1x Support MG w/1200 rounds, 1x Light TAG w/Military Power Pack (40 shots) Cost 48,802 Alt B: 1x Heavy Recoilless Rifle w/14 rounds Cost 8,693 Alt C: 2x SRM Launchers w/24 […]

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In Our Youths
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First, on that blog technical note, you will find that the archives are slightly reworked (that whole iframe presentation was seriously pissing me off), the comment window now behaves like it did in Days of Yore, and entries dating back to the beginning of 2005 are now categorized. Each step on the categorization front gets harder – 2005 had more entries than 2006, 2004 has more than 2005, and 2003 even more than that. But we’re getting there. That’s not actually what I wanted to talk about, though. I actually want to talk about my 4th of July, which is a useful springboard for a number of topics. Here’s what I did. I checked out the Ken Burns PBS documentary […]

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Summer In the City
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I did not, as was my plan, spend Saturday in the DMV taking care of business. This came as a surprise to me, as I’m sure it does to you, who in like fashion had no idea I was going to DMV, let alone anywhere else. But let us quote a late Friday night conversation between Sarah and myself: [23:33] TontoMarius: That having been said, I am frightfully bored off my rocker right now. [23:34] serenadingwords: Well I think we can fix that. [23:34] serenadingwords: You doing anything tomorrow? [23:34] TontoMarius: I might be going to DMV, but probably not. [23:34] TontoMarius: As I have no actual desire to wake up at 8am. [23:34] serenadingwords: No, I think you want […]

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