Do Not Want
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Dear people of the early 1990s: While I recognize that every decade is going to have its own unique fashion styles, and I actually have no problem with that, I should appreciate it if you could explain a couple of things to me, which I shall ask by way of showing pictures of Richie Ryan from the first season of Highlander. If you could all explain to me what you were all thinking at the time, this would be of great help to me. That jacket, in particular. But wait, there’s more. Note that there’s a hood on the back of that…what? Vest? Sweatshirt? But wait, there’s MORE. The words fail me. They do. I just don’t understand. Help me, […]

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So, imagine you are sitting at your work computer, peacefully surfing Amazon like you’re getting paid to do. Or at least as peacefully as can be accomplished without the aid of a scroll wheel, which contrary to Samson’s beliefs really is the best computing invention ever. Suppose you see a screen like, say, this one. This is good, right? But then, every second or so, it flashes to this one. Yes, watching it do that all day was pretty much the high point of the day’s humor.

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Ninja Squirrels and Samurai Rabbits
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1. Allow me to assure you that getting paid to surf Wikipedia and Amazon for manga and comics AS MY JOB is every bit as awesome as you might think it is. 2. AND I got to do so in my Silent Nut Attack shirt, thanks to Sarah reminding me I OWNED such a thing. Because apparently I forgot about it in my luggage since Christmas break. Keep in mind that it’s one of my favorite shirts. Some days, I don’t even understand myself.

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The System of the World
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Finished The System of the World last night, and as the reading has proved to be something of an Undertaking, I feel as if I should talk about it a teensy bit to you all. I say Undertaking, because the entire Baroque Cycle weighs in at something like 2,600 pages and too me something like 3 years to complete, of which Quicksilver took me three years to read from 2004-2006, counting a reread of the first third, the Confusion was worth a couple of months in 2006, and The System of the World took about 6 months in 2006-2007. The length it took to read them isn’t because they’re bad. On the contrary. But they’re packed with intensely dense prose, […]

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Ten and Seven
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September 4th, 1997: The Lands of Solan launches on a Smaug 1.2 codebase, with Samson and myself the initial staff. Over time, we will become Alsherok, and our heavily modified Smaug 1.4 code will become the influential AFKMud base. Here I will hone my proficiencies in area building, game design, and even write a few lines of code. September 12th, 2000: I join Tonto Clan, the last of the third wave of membership. Here I met a lot of great people. While I played a lot of great games of Age of Kings as a Tonto, I also had debates, offered advice, and ranted a lot. Indeed, you’re reading this because my Rants of the Day series prompted Whir to […]

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PE 1117
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That being the base call number for readers and perhaps spellers, of which the SCSU rare books collection has quite a great many of, and which I spent a great deal of time this past week putting in some semblance of order. But I get ahead of myself. When last we left off, I was withdrawing various flood damaged books from the system, and stacking them in boxes to be taken away to wherever it is books go when they die. I am thankful to say that that project has finished. In its place, we started work on dealing with the art gallery books (the ones that were in 7 feet of water, as you may recall). As withdrawing all […]

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