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I wonder if Ron Paul realizes how much he sounds like Halor. For that matter, I wonder if anti-regulation free market capitalists in general realize, given the realities of history, how on crack they sound. There’s a bit in that video where he basically says that it’s ok that poor people get a bad education. That’s fairly impressive. Not that I need to be beating on Ron Paul of all people, since he’s running neck and neck with Dennis Kucinich for ignorance of reality. But seriously. There’s some special kinds of crazy going on that video. On the other hand, this particular Google video features Barack Obama, who seems to have, if not totally, at least gone a long ways […]

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I’m going to ramble a lot in here, but bear with me. There IS a unified theme here, and his name is Neal Stephenson, whose book Snow Crash is both the prompter of this post and the destroyer of a day or so of my time. In a good way. In a way that tells you to, honestly, stop reading now, and just go read the book, because it’s awesome. The fact that it discusses what it does in 1991 is, as my Dad points out, pretty amazing. Without going into too many plot details, because that would reveal too much, and would be, you know, telling, apparently the future is a dystopia, wherein corporations have replaced national governments, and […]

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The Power of 400 Baby DVDs
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And you may go to YouTube and search on “Powerthirst” if that title makes no sense to you. So, as the beginning to a particularly excellent Smashing Pumpkins album says, you know I’m not dead. Nor was I living in my head. Instead, I was having one of those idyllic vacations, filled with wine, women, and song, only with root beer in place of the wine, as I particularly dislike it. Perhaps more fir trees than palm trees, not so good on the island part of it, and the rain was, I assure you, not in the least tropical, but as vacations go, it’s been right up there. And as it still has a further 4 days remaining, it can […]

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