On Highlander Fashion
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Continuing on this vein, let us further elaborate on why it is often a good idea to watch Highlander inebriated (Grey Goose, it turns out, fills plot holes excellently). It also helps with the…somewhat questionable costuming choices. To quote Sarah, “The 1970s! They flee! In terror!” This would be the same episode where Mac randomly changes outfits mid-scene, and our azn gangsta friend up there has the same godawful shirt that he likes so much, he has it in both blue, and puke yellow. And no, I’m not going to post that, because you just can’t handle the horror. Trust me on this. And just to throw in a couple of oldies but goodies from Season 1: Smug Mac is […]

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*chitter chitter squeak*
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Another reason why we must love GalCiv is, it allows me to do this: Not that I’m actually playing this particular game, mind you, as I have ridiculous amounts of work to do, but. You know. If I DID have time.

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[21:49] Dwip: Now then, box. What goodies did you bring me from Amazon? [21:49] Dwip: Textbooks? Enh. But oh, what’s this? New Scalzi? And new SM Stirling? Yes please. [00:05] Dwip: Now we are faced with questions. Questions like “So, do I want to read a lot? Which book? Or do I want to finish conquering the universe?” [02:57] *wins enormously easy game of GalCiv* Well, I’ll just read Zoe’s Tale for an hour or so. [06:30] Man, that book was awesome! Also man, I’m tired. What time is…ohshi- Thank you for that, John Scalzi.

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Savior of the Universe
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In which three factors converge: 1. I just spent the last week sick, so I played video games. 2. I haven’t blogged on a new game in a while. 3. My current game (and the one before it) of Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor is indescribably awesome. So, the game. It’s a turn-based 4x space strategy game. If you played Space Empires III or Master of Orion or such, you know what I’m talking about, here. Aliens driving around in spaceships colonizing brave new worlds and blowing the bejesus (or alien equivilent) out of each other with exotic weaponry. Rarely has this been done in such a polished manner, however. I mean, this game has everything – custom […]

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[23:50] TontoMarius: I almost want to sign up for the free 3 month Amazon Prime, but then I don’t. [23:51] serenadingwords: What does Prime do again? [23:51] serenadingwords: Besides beat down Amazon Megatron a lot.

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On Poliblogging
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I think my last couple of days can be summed up sufficiently with this xkcd: Mainly in response to this post of Samson’s. Still thinking I will more or less avoid the political stuff here, however. Last time I did…it was bad. Real bad. Hopefully I have learned something since 2004. Maybe.

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