AFK_Weye Version 1.1
By Dwip March 25, 2009 at 1:13 pm Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

Has been released, which fixes many many bugs. If you have AFK_Weye, I encourage you to get it. Either via TESNexus or by contacting me in one of the usual ways.

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By Dwip March 24, 2009 at 12:40 pm Comments (3) RSS Feed for this post

I really haven’t got the heart to tell you all about the latest edition of Pensive Kitten Is, For Serious, Really Goddamn Pensive, because between the broken internets, biffed RAM slots in the same spot as the other biffed RAM slots, biffed video card drivers, and who knows what else, I haven’t got the energy. However, there is one thing I want to get on tape: [19:27] Dwip: And fuck both MS and nVidia for shipping bogus drivers with Vista. [19:27] Samson: Actually that should read more like fuck nVidia for shipping bogus drivers. [19:28] Dwip: Well, yes. But then MS went and included the damn things, so whatever. [19:28] Samson: Well, and I can’t beleive I’m saying it, that’s […]

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Pensive Kitten: Still Slightly Pensive
By Dwip March 16, 2009 at 11:56 pm Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

It is sad, because I have not yet given it my password. Or my credit card number. On the other hand, it is somewhat less sad than previous levels of sadness, because I have fixed several longstanding issues with my desktop, and appear to have returned to the land of stable computing once more. But there’s more to this story, so let us discuss. For those of you living under rocks, the new system that I put together in January was never entirely stable, which is to say that at any given moment of the day it maybe or maybe didn’t decide to randomly throw up a BSOD, crash some program, or entertaining combinations of the two. In addition, my […]

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Least Worst Of, Volume III
By Dwip March 12, 2009 at 12:01 am Comments (2) RSS Feed for this post

Following the once per two years tradition begun here and continued here, with further thanks to Type O Negative for the title and for the song Wolf Moon, which got me through today, because book processing Jesus. As it happens, the Alsherok portion of this blog turns 6 today, although if you throw in the Tonto bits, it’s running up on 9. Either way, that’s significantly longer than I expected to be doing this. Usually about this time, I like to tell you about the significant blog improvements I’ve made for your further enjoyment of the site, but alas, this year they are few, as I have been very busy doing things for my survival. That said, the blog is […]

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Butt-Kicking, For Mods
By Dwip March 3, 2009 at 5:30 pm Comments (3) RSS Feed for this post

Oh, you know you love Baldur’s Gate posts. I mean, the game’s like 10 years old and I’m the only who still plays it, so how can you not love that? Anyway. Insofar as I keep meaning to put this down on paper (of a sort), and because BG/BG2 happen to be about the only games installed on my laptop, let us talk mods and new parties for a sec, as I have a few things I wish to do yet. First, the outstanding games: Najah (NE Elf Male Assassin) BG1 Tutu end date 12/12/05 (Level 10) BG2 stop date 09/11/06 (Level 16) I think he may actually be slightly better than this now, and I’m going to load him […]

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Things Which I Require
By Dwip March 2, 2009 at 4:20 pm Comments (1) RSS Feed for this post

And not just because my car is currently under ridiculous amounts of snow. Click me! Watch me!

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