Time, Forward!
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A brief episode of “You know you may have been using computers too long when…” Consider the following: – My MUD stuff is all stored in C:Solan (the actual MUD named changed to Alsherok circa 1998) – I still have C:Temp dir (fashionable in about 1995) – All my D&D bookmarks are in a folder labeled “AD&D” (and half of them were circa 1997) – My Battletech bookmarks include David Low’s page (for various rec.games.mecha things circa 1995-6) – Not to mention Sarna.net as Slayer’s Battletech Page (circa 1997) – My Games bookmarks are great for this? Cyberjag? 1998. Caesar II – The Ultimate Site? I’m not even sure. 1996? Earlier? Apparently at some point I updated my Apolyton link […]

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Books
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So Wednesday, as it happens, was my last day working at Buley. Rather unlike some other jobs I’ve had, I’m going to miss the whole tech services gig, although I can in some sense look forward to similar work anon, thanks to my hopefully-coming-soon degree, but more on that later. Got a bit of a party thrown for me on Monday, and they gave me a very nice pen and a very nice mug, and I got my picture taken with people, and that was all good. Various people were pretty impressed/enthusiastic about my special project paper (Nancy: “Have you seriously ever thought about teaching/academia? You’d be great at it!”), which was nice. It’s one thing to get good grades, […]

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The Sound of Silence
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I can no longer hear my computer at all. This is a strange experience, but I assure you that, unlike several of our previous technological adventures, this one ends quite well, and not in spasms of computerized agony such as you may be used to, given the last 6 months or so. So, for the last three computer builds, the first of which was so long ago (2002) that it got written as a forum post at Tonto, I’ve been using a Lian-Li PC-61 case. It’s a damn fine case – lightweight, everything easily removable, looks great, and so on. It has a few big sins, however, chief among them that it was louder than hell and didn’t actually cool […]

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Today’s post brought to you by viral invaders, which are at this very moment having a nice chat with my immune system. As of right now, my immune system appears to be getting the better end of the deal, thanks to our friends Advil and Robitussin. So instead of doing what I set out to do last night, namely find some 4th edition D&D tables to speed my prep work, I got sucked into a bunch of people talking in various places about the various editions of (A)D&D, why they were good, why they were bad. Since it occurs to me that I have yet to talk about 4th edition in any meaningful sense, I’ll use that discussion as a […]

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So it turns out that it’s been quite some time since the last time I did a history post on here, let alone an Iraq post, and for a guy with a history degree that spends a good chunk of his day following foreign affairs, that’s probably a bit odd. Let us turn our leporidic gaze to that issue, then, and use as the vehicle for the discussion a book by a man named Charles Duelfer, who you may know from the Duelfer Report on Iraqi WMD. Turns out he has a recent book on the subject by the name of Hide and Seek: The Search For Truth In Iraq. Just to get this out of the way, it’s an […]

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