Annals of the Realms
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It has somewhat belatedly come to my attention that while I have chronicled our various D&D adventures in the Forgotten Realms from 1997 or so to 2011, I have not yet bothered to collect all of those posts in one place. So I guess let’s do that.

In That Epic Struggle, Part One – The story of our very first campaign in 1997, from Waterdeep to Calimport.

In That Epic Struggle, Part Two – The second FR game in 2000, featuring the level 5 frontal assault, the carpet collision, and giants who may or may not be on fire.

In That Epic Struggle, Part Three – Our third FR game from 2006, featuring the grassy gnoll, Talos swag, and the beginning of the Slave Lords series of modules as the party takes on A1 – Slave Pits of the Undercity.

It Will Be Epic In the Movie – The first post from our 2011 continuation of our 2006 game as the party misadventures their way through A2 – Secret of the Slaver’s Stockade. Bluff puppets, doors, and leaps.

Only Clerics Can Start Forest Fires – Continuing on through A2, as the party deals with separation anxiety and forest fires.

“There’s No Rule Against Poisoning Minotaurs!” – Now in the bottom half of A2, the party and a couple of friends meet one or two monsters and may or may not poison them.

On Fifteen Foot Wide Tunnels – We finally escape A2, discovering why they call them landsharks.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Deep in the Underdark, the party tries to cross a bridge, for better or for worse.

Tired DM is Tired – Remember to give your DM his nap time.

Averted Loinclothing – Rather than actually get loinclothed and go through A4, the party resorts to extreme measures.

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